NetballSmart | with Christchurch Netball Centre

NetballSmart is the official injury prevention programme of Netball New Zealand.​

ACC and Netball New Zealand have developed several resources for coaches, players and umpires that are designed to help enhance performance and prevent injury.

NetballSmart | Facts and Figures

  • 2019 World Cup winning Silver Ferns team the average age was 30, they didn’t specialise in Netball until between the ages of 17 & 20 and they participated in an average of 3 sports through secondary school.
  • We see a 300% increase in injuries from April to May in our 10–19-year-olds, which makes us wonder are we preparing them well?
  • Once you have sustained a significant ankle sprain you have a 50% chance of re-spraining within the next 24 months.
  • Moderate to severe ankle instability has been reported among 64% of Netball players with a previously sprained ankle.
  • Landings: you jump and land up to 60 times during a game of netball.
  • Poor landings are the most common mechanism of injury.
  • In the heat of a battle (competition), you don’t rise to your level, you sink to the habits you have created in your practices.
  • Less than 10% of concussions involve loss of consciousness.
  • A concussion is technically a mild traumatic brain injury.
  • In netball players are moving forward 28% of the time.

“A player who can cope with the physical demands can explore the game”, Sandra Edge, Silver Fern #75

Please contact your NetballSmart Centre Activator for any information on email / 021 212 6081

You can find more tips, videos and resources on the NetballSmart web site.