Christchurch Netball Centre Coach Development

Christchurch Netball Centre works alongside Netball Mainland and Netball NZ (NNZ) to ensure we are providing the appropriate courses for our coaches to develop and extend their knowledge of coaching netball within the community at all levels. NNZ now run courses through a module format. 

Christchurch Netball's Netball Development Officer works with coaches to progress along the Netball NZ coach pathway – we’ll support you while achieving coaching awards. Learn alongside other coaches experiencing the same things with the same burning questions.  

Christchurch Netball Centre may assist and set up a coaching session if you have an interest in particular types of coaching whether it be discussion with other coaches, sharing of concerns/best practices or problems requiring sharing. Please let Netball Development Officer Julia van Dyk know the issues you would like covered so she can obtain a facilitator/presenter  and schedule a seminar or discussion on the topics required.

We realise not everyone is wanting to complete the accreditation pathway, but we need input and feedback what club coaches do want as well as the module type framework.

Primary Careers and Sportmedics

For a list of quailified carer's and medics for Netball please click here

​​​​​​​CNC Game Development Committee

The Christchurch Netball Centre Game Development Committee is responsible for player and coach development, the representative programme and associated activities.  Any suggestions for changes, new ideas etc are very welcome. The committee meets on a monthly basis.

The Committee is Adrianne Hayes (Convenor), Margaret Western, Anna Kennedy, Chelsea Kennedy, Keely Kira.

For more information

Please contact Julia van Dyk, CNC Netball Development Lead by e-mail