Junior Netball Coach Workshops

Christchurch Netball Centre is committed to ensuring that all ANZ futureFERNS teams have quality coaching available to them, which is why each coach is required to attend the appropriate Coach Workshop for the grade they are coaching.

New coaches and coaches moving up to the next level are required to attend a Coach Workshop.

Year 3-4 and Year 5-6 Workshops - approx. 2 hours

Year 7-8 Workshops - approx. 2.5 hrs

NSDWU Workshops - approx. 1hr

Foundation Coach Workshops - approx. 4.5 hours

Junior Coaches who complete the Foundation Coach Workshop receive the NNZ Foundation Coach Award and are exempt from having to attend a further workshop the following year. 

Coaches are required to attend one Junior Hui.

Junior Workshop Dates 2024

All Junior Coaches are required to attend a workshop appropriate to the age group they are coaching, a Netball Smart workshop and the Junior Hui.

New coaches should attend the standard workshop for the age grade they are coaching or a Foundation Coach (FC) workshop.

Returning coaches who completed a standard workshop the year before should attend a ‘Re-Energise’ workshop (RE). Re-Energise workshops contain new content for coaches appropriate to each age grade.

Coaches should also attend the NSDWU (Netball Smart Dynamic Warm Up) Workshop.

Coaches who attended a Foundation Coach Workshop the previous year are not required to attend a workshop this year. However, any returning coach wanting to attend a Re-Energise workshop will be welcomed.

The Junior Hui covers everything you need to know about Junior Netball for the season.

The Basic Rules Session covers some of the rules that people commonly do not understand correctly and the new rules being implemented this year.

Woolworths futureFERNS Workshops

Year 1-4 Workshop

Thursday 4th April                    6.30-8.30pm

Thursday 2nd May                   6.30-8.30pm

Year 5-6 Workshop

Wednesday 3rd April                6.30-8.30pm

Friday 12th April                       6.30-8.30pm

Year 7-8 Workshop

Friday 5th April                         6.30-9pm

Wednesday 10th April              6.30-9pm

Foundation Workshop

Saturday 27th April                  10am-3pm

Junior Hui

Monday 8th April                      6.30-8.30pm

Monday 6th May                      6.30-8.30pm

Basic Rules Session

Wednesday 8th May                6.30-7.30pm

Returning coaches - Additional sessions are being held as follows:

Returning Coach Workshops

Year 3-4 Workshop

Thursday 11th April                  6.30-8pm

Monday 29th April                    6.30-8pm

Year 5-6 Workshop

Tuesday 9th April                     6.30-8pm

Wednesday 1st May                6.30-8pm

Year 7-8 Workshop    

Tuesday 30th April                   6.30-8.30pm

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