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Coaching young people in cricket is an enormously rewarding role within the coaching pathway. Players need expertise, support and passion at every level of their development; the courses and resources found here are designed with players needs at their core. Cornwall aim to teach every club coach how to deliver sessions with an "athlete centred" approach.

To become a qualified cricket coach, you can read the coaching courses section (below). There it should become clear what is required in order to get qualified.  

If you need assistance to help understand the process please email chris@cornwallcricket.co.nz

The Cornwall coaches resources have been developed to support the hundreds of dedicated volunteer coaches at Cornwall Cricket Club. In their request to provide a positive, development based experience to their athletes. From coaches who have a good grasp of coaching to coaches who are starting for the first time this season, these resources provide the framework for success that at all times puts the interests of the players at the forefront. While some sections of this webpage may be more relevant to some coaches over others, taken as a whole, the information herein should serve as a blueprint for building a productive environment for the athelte, and a call to action for coaches everywhere to work towards optimisation of a positive experience at Cornwall Cricket Club. These resources will cover:

  1. The benefits of supporting your players participation in multiple sports.
  2. Developing a positive culture that transcends the player experience through cricket. 
  3. Your programme's role as a positive contributor within the local community.
  4. Best practices concerning health and safety, and
  5. Keeping it FUN!

Resources - Year 1 & 2 Skills Cards​​​​​​​​​​​​​​