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Please let us know of any incidents or hazards. We endeavour to make Cornwall a safer place for all and your reports help us to achieve that. 

Find official codes of conduct for players, parents, spectators, umpires and coaches here. 

Wet Weather Cancellation Policy

Cornwall can cancel cricket games for the midget grades, Years 1-4. All girls grades and boys grades from year 5 and up are administered by Auckland Cricket. Their cancellation policy can be found here

Where are cancellations posted?

Should games need to be cancelled due to wet weather we will post notice initially on our Facebook page and home page. 

What times are games cancelled by?

We will endeavour to cancel games by the following times:

  • Saturday Morning - 7 am
  • Friday Afternoon - 3.30pm

Please note, as a club our priority is to have our members play cricket. As such, when there is doubt we will not cancel games and reserve the right to cancel should weather change after the scheduled cancellation time listed above. 


The Board of Directors support the responsible consumption of alcohol within Club premises, in line with health and safety guidelines.

The following policies encompass Cornwall Districts Cricket and Sports Association staff, administrators, volunteers, members and guests to ensure a responsible, safe, and enjoyable environment for people to enjoy the Cornwall Cricket Club Pavilion and surroundings. 

The Board of Directors reserve the right to impose penalties on any members who do not comply with these Alcohol Policies and Responsibilities. This may include suspension of membership and/or expulsion from club premises.


  1.  Cornwall Cricket Club staff members are to act as responsible hosts for all members and guests 
  2.  Cornwall Cricket Club staff members are to adhere to the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 to ensure all license requirement are fulfilled
  3.  All persons who are consuming alcohol are expected to act responsibly and ensure the safety of fellow patrons.
  4.  All persons at Cornwall Cricket Club are expected to abide by the Cornwall Park Trust Board Conditions of Entry
  5.  All members shall respect the rights of fellow patrons and consider the well-being of other members/guests when the consumption of alcohol is taking place.
  6.  Free water is available at all times. 

No persons shall:

  1. Bring their own alcohol onto Cornwall Cricket Club premises (grounds or pavilion)
  2. Allow anyone under the legal age to consume alcohol on Cornwall Cricket Club premises unless a parent or guardian is present [and that parent or guardian gives their express permission for the consumption of alcohol by the minor]
  3. Encourage the over consumption of alcohol by any individuals which will jeopardize their health and safety.
  4. Take any alcohol purchased from the Cornwall Cricket Club bar off Cornwall Cricket Club property in breach of the clubs Liquor License


If you decide to cancel a registration or registrations prior to the start of the cricket season your fees will be refunded less $50 to cover administration. Once the season has started, up to Christmas the refund fee increases pro-rata to a maximum of 50% of the initial registration fee at Christmas. After Christmas, there is no refund.