General information

The School Athletics and Swimming Championships are compulsory for all girls and are held early in Term One. In both cases there is an inter-House aspect as well as the individual championships. All girls must enter at least two events for each of these competitions, either as an individual or as a team member in the various relay events. Only Year 13 girls are allowed to wear ‘mufti’ clothes or get ‘dressed up’ for these Championships; however, they must wear PE uniform or House t-shirts when competing. All other girls must wear either their normal PE uniform or their House coloured t-shirts.

There are also a number of Inter-School exchanges during the year. The main exchanges are the Term 1 Summer and the Term 3 Winter Quadrangular Tournaments with our sister schools in Christchurch (Rangi Ruru Girl’s School and St. Margaret’s College) and Dunedin (Columba College and St. Hilda’s Collegiate). Exchanges are also held with St. Andrew’s College in Term 3 and with Rangi Ruru (Juniors only) in Term 2.

Girls are asked to encourage their parents and family to support them and the School at any inter-House competitions or inter-School games during the year.

Conduct and Behaviour:

Craighead strongly supports the principles of FairPlay and positive sporting conduct.

Students’ appearance and conduct, both on and off the field of play, should be of the highest standard and reflect the pride that they have in our School.

Craighead Diocesan School expects our students who play Sport to:

  • wear the correct uniform to all games and practices and ensure that it is clean and tidy
  • be punctual to all games and practices
  • abide by the referee’s/umpire’s decisions without complaint or argument
  • avoid inappropriate behaviour such as swearing, fighting, arguing – even when they may be provoked!
  • show loyalty to their team, captain, coach and School
  • applaud and congratulate good sporting behaviour, whether it is their own team or the opposition

While some sports may seem more ‘competitive’ than others, all girls take their participation very seriously, with teams and individuals always performing very highly.

To Play a Sport:

  • All girls and their parents must complete appropriate sections on the 'CRAIGHEAD SPORTS PORTAL' online registration.
  • Affiliations fees are charged for all extracurricular sporting activities.
  • Teaching staff have the right to prevent students attending these activities in school time if their work is not up to date.
  • When any girl commits herself to a team they must attend all practices and games. Where circumstances mean that girls cannot attend at any time, then the captain and coach must be informed.

Sports practice days can be any day of the week and practice times vary with the sport, but generally they are one hour long, with the afternoon practices usually finishing by 7.30pm.​​​​​​​


The Sports Council oversees the structure for the delivery of sport in the school.  The broad aims of the Sports Council is to maintain or increase our high level of participation in sport, focus on quality delivery of sport and enhance sporting performances.

​​​​​​​The Sports Council meets 6-8 times during the year.

The Sports Council consists of the TIC Sport, Sports Coordinator, Principal, Student Representatives, BOT Representative and Community/Parent Representatives.   

Mick Geary (Chairperson)

Andrew Jones (SLT)

Kayla Cunningham (Director of Sport)

Diane Surridge (Sports Coordinator)

Jennie Apperley (Secretary)

Amanda Shallard (Sports Captain)

Kate Crawford (Sports Captain)

Anna Coleman

Julie Ross

Craig Motley

Clint Austin

Jo Sutherland