History for Chatto Creek at Nicolson Trophy

 Combined Councils

Chatto Creek rinks, from left: Gerald Harrex, Jimmy Dundass , Hamish Hay, Blair Deaker, Hendrik Delport, Peter Lorimer, Mike White, Dave Cockburn

23 Jun 2023 – Chatto Creek Curling Club created their own piece of history last week, winning their first Nicolson Trophy title since the club was founded in 1959.

The winner of the annual Nicolson Trophy match is regarded as the New Zealand Outdoor Champion club, in the absence of a Bonspiel.

The top two clubs from the Naseby and Idaburn Council qualifying competitions from the previous season meet in an overall one-day finals competition. Two rinks from both Idaburn clubs play two rinks from both the Naseby Clubs. The finals are the ultimate test, being two 21-end matches (with a maximum of 3½ hours per match).

This year Chatto Creek and Poolburn Curling Clubs qualified from the Idaburn Council, and Garabaldi and Kiwi qualified from Naseby.

The two Chatto Creek rinks had a perfect day, each winning both of their matches to end a 64-year wait for the club.

Final Standings

  1.  Chatto Creek – 4 wins, 73 points
  2.  Poolburn – 3 wins, 75 points
  3.  Garabaldi – 1 win, 43 points
  4.  Kiwi – 0 wins, 39 points

History of the Nicolson Trophy


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