The Demons Softball Club originated in 1950.
Bill Tuckey, along with Nial and Joy Campbell, recalled the beginnings of the club in the Campbell's 40 Thompson St flast one evening in July or August 1950.  It was an off-shoot of H & J Smith's social team which had increasingly roped in players from Watts and Grieves (Motor Garage) next door.  Nial was known to "persuade" apprentices to come along after he himself was invited due to his experience from contact with Americans and the sport during the war in the Pacific.  Bill Tuckey became involved similarly.
Other business houses with teams playing included Geo Poole and Calder McKays (hence the Calder McKay Shield)

The Southland Softball Association had recently been formed for club competitions.  The Watts and Grieve boys mainly met with the idea of going it alone in this competition and decided to form a new team/club to do this.  Because they reckoned they were being a bit devilish in breaking away, the team/club was to be named DEMONS  with President Nial Campbell, Secretary Bill Tuckey.  They struggled for members for quite a few seasons.  There was no book work, ie:  minutes etc simply were discussions at practice.  Second grade men and then for 1960-61 a women's team started.  The partial 'folding' of the Marist club added some members to Demons during the late 50s, by Bill Tuckey's recollection, and during those years he took on the task of coaching children's teams.  (Nial "talked him into it" he says).  Bill with the help of others kept this up for some years.  It was a SSA rule (very wise too it would seem in hindsight) that each club competing in the higher grades also had to have children's teams.
By 1971, records were being kept as the AGM minutes available showing N Campbell as president.  Since then there has been successions of dedicated administrators and coaches, backed by sponsors and benefactors, along with players, teams, disappointment and successes following to the present day.