Welcome to the University Albion Netball Club 2024 trials

All trialists must be registered to attend trials

Please consider if you have the time to commit to weekly training & games for the season before registering.

For all updates on trials, follow our Facebook page  There is more information about the Club at  

Trial 1:
Senior: 3:30-5:50pm
Premier: 5-8pm
Arrival times will vary, updates posted on facebook

Trial 2: Wednesday 10th April 2024 4:30pm-9pm UNIPOL (arrival times will vary, updates emailed to trialists)

Trial 3: Thursday 11th April 4:30pm-9pm 2024 UNIPOL (arrival times will vary, updates emailed to trialists)

Training: Compulsory weekly training, the day/time depends on the team (Booked Training slots: Tuesday 5-6pm, Wednesday TBC, Thursday 6-7pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm)  


For over 100 years University Albion Netball has been dedicated to netball for all players at all levels. We welcome new and returning players every year. The Club encourages players to get involved in coaching and umpiring to support and develop Dunedin Netball. The Club is proudly affiliated to the Otago University and is grateful for the support and resources from OUSA Otago University Clubs and Societies.

Club philosophy: 

A competitive, fun environment for players of all levels.

What makes you different to other clubs: 

University Albion is a club that suits University students.

Most of our teams train at one of the University gyms so there is no additional fee for training and no big distance to travel.

We work hard to support players and coaches to get the most out of their season.

Grades you compete in: 

We have teams in Premier A, Premier C and all senior grades and cater for all levels of netball.

What your club provides: 

All of our teams have coaches and gear is replenished each year.

Vacancies for coaches:

Every season, Uni Albion relies on players to volunteer to coach other teams. The club recognises and values the commitment these coaches make: the club pays the fees of any players who coach (full fees) or co-coach (half fees). We provide resources for coaches, training equipment and fund coaches to attend the local workshops. All coaches are invited to attend our A, B and C team coaching sessions to watch our premier coaches in action.

So go on – give it a go! Great experience, and looks good on a CV!

If you are interested in coaching a team this season, contact [email protected] or message us through the FB page.



Contact details:

[email protected]

Facebook: Click here

Website: Click here