Prize Giving 2019

Most Valuable Member: Essence Maro
Coach/Manager of the Year: Lindy Williams

Team 1:
Player of the year: 
Andrea Southgate
Sportsmanship Award: Kathie Fruish
Most consistent player: Greer Tulp

Team 2:
Player of the year: 
Briar Jones
Sportsmanship Award: Samantha Clapham
Most consistent player: Danielle Blanden
Most improved player: Sam Barrable

Team 3:
Player of the year:
Rosanna Tahana
Sportsmanship Award: Ashley Squire
Most consistent player: Donna Kelly

Team 4:
Player of the year: 
Jenny Robb
Sportsmanship Award: Lucy Van Dorp
Most consistent player: Deana Hauraki
Most improved player: Dana Leishman