What to wear is always a common question in triathlon because of the three different sports involved, and because there are no changing room facilities available at the event, a little forward wardrobe planning is required!
We give you a few suggestions and tips below so you're well equipped for the day.

The Swim
Make sure you have a comfortable pair of togs (that you have tried out before race day) as you will be wearing these for the whole event. We don’t recommend wearing a t-shirt for the swim, but by all means wear a pair of bike pants/shorts over the top of your togs if you wish. If you are going to wear some bike shorts or Tri shorts we suggest you wear them during the swim as they can be quite hard to put on before you get on your bike as you will be wet from the swim. Some competitors also find it more comfortable to wear a sports bra under their togs too (again, due to there not being an opportunity to get changed before the cycle or run). Your togs and shorts will dry out when you are on the bike, a lot quicker than you think! Whatever you are going to wear in the swim, make sure you practice it before the event day so you are used to how it feels and what it is like when you get on the bike. You can wear a wetsuit for the swim. We recommend you put on whatever you want to wear for the cycle and run underneath the wetsuit. Remember to take your wetsuit off before you start the cycle leg. Goggles are a great idea for the swim, but fins, kick boards, and hand paddles are NOT permitted. Waterproof sun block is always good as then you do not need to worry about applying it before you get on the bike. However you need to check how that affects your goggles as sometimes it may cause your goggles to leak. Again practice this before the day so you know.

The Cycle
Before the start of the cycle you may wish to put a t-shirt and shorts on. Tri-Shorts are a great idea as they are padded, but not so much that you feel awkward running in them! However they are not essential. You can also choose to wear cycle shoes but most people choose to wear running shoes from this point on. The shirt you wear for the cycle is often the shirt you wear for the run/walk so make sure your race number is securely fastened to the front of the shirt. Helmets are compulsory and must be put on your head and the strap clipped prior to taking your bike off the rack. Sunglasses are optional.

The Run/Walk
Most people don't need to put a lot on for this section having transitioned from the cycle. A hat is probably the most popular item to put on for the run/walk as well as a massive smile as you are headed to the finish!

What other things should I think about?
The above covers most things regarding what to wear during a triathlon. However there are a
few things you may want to consider.

Do not forget sun block even on cloudy days.

If you are concerned there may be chaffing, due to the wet clothes when you come out of the
swim and then riding and running/walking. We suggest you consider some type of skin barrier
cream. You can use Vaseline or Glide smooth. We suggest you put this on areas where you
could chaff such as under your arms. Hopefully you will practice at least once all three disciplines as though it was an event, even if a shorter distance of each, and you will get an idea of where you may chaff.

In addition we suggest you complete the event in gear that you have been training in. That way
you know it will work and you do not run the risk that it will break or will cause you to chaff or be
irritated during the event. This will also make you more comfortable as you have trained in the
gear so you know it well. For instance do not use new shoes the day of the event, especially if
you have not worn them in.