The mini club activities are conducted on the grass area in the middle of the track and use either the front or back straights for their running races. Miniclub will run a 3 week repeating program:

3 & 4 yr Olds5 & 6 yr Olds
WEEK 1Running and AgilityRunning and Jumping
WEEK 2Running and JumpingRunning and Throwing
WEEK 3Running and ThrowingRunning and Agility

The mini club makes use of both the Run Jump Throw and Get Set Go programmes and aims to improve childrens stability, locomotive and manipulative movement skills.

Stability covers:
  - Balance
  - Rotation
  - Landings
Locomotor covers:
  - Running
  - Hopping
  - Jumping for distance
Manipulative covers:
  - Catching
  - Overhand throw
  - Underhand throw