Being an incorporated society, our club must hold an official Annual General Meeting (AGM) once a year and this is normally held each June.  


7.30pm on the 2nd Monday of June. Check our calendar for the latest dates

Stock Xchange, 110 Marshland Road, Shirley (view a map on Google)

Notice of the AGM is published on this website. It's also sent out to all members prior to the meeting along with an agenda.

The AGM is where we elect the incoming committee, review the financial accounts and set the subscriptions for the coming year. We also get reports from each of the delegates along with the President, Vice-President, Club Captain and Treasurer. If you have any business you want the club to discuss or vote on at the AGM you'll need to let us know at least 28 days before the AGM.

We also have some of the usual business you'd expect from a regular Club Night (for example, raffles and updates on upcoming trips).

At the conclusion of the official business, we often share a light supper and have some time just to catch up with others.