Club Fusion Player Code of Conduct

The following code must be adhered to at all times, be it at training, games or team functions where Club Fusion is represented.

1. Players must at all times when representing Club Fusion behave respectfully and show good sportsmanship to other players, coaches, officials and spectators.

2. Any use of inappropriate and/or offensive language or gestures towards any other players, coaches, officials or spectators will not be tolerated.

3. We are a family-oriented club and as such players are encouraged to be positive role models to our younger members, fellow teammates and general public.

4. We are a smoke free club. Smoking whilst wearing uniforms is prohibited. Any use of drugs or alcohol whilst wearing uniforms is also prohibited.

5. Uniforms will be supplied by Club Fusion. They are to include both club and sponsor logos. A bond of $55 will be required. Payment due by 4th May 2022. Players agree to only wear their uniform when playing for Club Fusion and when travelling to and from games. Players must take full responsibility for the replacement of their uniform should there be any damage or loss of uniform and will ensure club logos and sponsor logos are not defaced or removed. Failure to adhere to this may result in a temporary stand down until a replacement uniform can be obtained and/or purchased. Any lost, damaged or unreturned uniform will be billed to the player for the full replacement value.

6. Respect the time and effort coaches put in to train the team. Players are expected to regularly attend set training sessions and are required to inform the coach and/or team manager if unable to attend. Be punctual. Bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

7. Fundraising enables Club Fusion to offer significantly cheaper fees than other clubs in the area. Two fundraising events are to be held for the 2022 season and players are required to support these events. Players will be advised of dates, times and further details well in advance. All members are expected to participate and be actively involved to ensure the smooth running of these events. Players will have the option to be exempt from any fundraising during the season but will be required to pay a set fee to cover this.

7a. Supported fundraising Player fees $120.

7b. Non supported fundraiser Player fees $170.

8. Club Fusion is a member of Coastlands Netball Kapiti and will operate within the rules of Netball New Zealand.

9. Fees for the 2022 season have been set and are to be paid in full by 4th May 2022. Please refer to section 7 (above) for fees.

Uniforms will not be issued until fees are paid.

Failure to meet this arrangement will mean you cannot take the court. 

All new club members will receive a Club training top. This is our way of saying welcome to Club Fusion and is yours to keep. Additional training tops are also available to purchase if you should want more than one or need a replacement. Club Fusion will also have a small range of club apparel available to purchase.

Disciplinary procedures for breaches of Club Fusion Code of Conduct will be at the discretion of the coaches/ club captain. This may include training exercises or being stood down for a game. Any serious misconduct may result in a temporary stand down or revoke of membership. This will be decided by the Club Committee.

Club fees will not be refunded under any circumstance.

We really look forward to playing and working with everyone this season!

Melanie Watt (Chairperson) 

Tessa Tanoa (Club Captain)