Virginia Arney  -  Virginia started playing Association Croquet over 10 years ago.  She has been playing Golf Croquet regularly since 2012.  Virginia's international highlights are playing in the World GC Championship in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand 2015; the British Open and British Veterans Championships in 2015.  She is a member of Norwood Croquet Club.

Tricia Devlin  -  Tricia has played Golf Croquet since trying it in the Australian Handicap Championship around 2009. She has represented Victoria in the Australian teams event, the Interstate Shield on two occasions and played in Women’s World Championships in Australia and New Zealand.  In 2013 she enjoyed playing the World Championship in Cairo. She is looking forward to returning to New Zealand to play as well as explore the beautiful countryside.

Wendy Dickson  -  Wendy Dickson is a member of Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Club Resort Croquet Club. She started playing croquet in 2005 and has been addicted ever since. Wendy was a member of the successful Australian team who won the World Teams Championship (Tier 2) in Bath, England. This will be Wendy’s third time playing in the World Women’s Golf Croquet Championships. Wendy is looking forward to the competition and the camaraderie between the players.

Kate Logan  -  Kate started playing proper croquet in Australia in 2006 after years of backyard American croquet (think gopher holes and tree roots). Kate is a member of the Victor Harbor (VHCC) and Brighton Croquet Clubs in South Australia, where she not only plays but also coaches regularly at the VHCC for new players and members. Kate started competing at the South Australia Croquet Association (SACA) and the Australia Croquet Association (ACA) events in 2013.

Karen Magee  -  Karen started playing croquet about 7 years so that she could spend more time with her parents.  She enjoyed it so much that she joined their club.  She has since moved clubs in order to have the opportunity to play with lower handicap players and have access to a very skilled coach. Since retiring she has volunteered in South Australia as the GC Golf Croquet Event Promoter and Coordinator. Playing in the Australian Interstate Shield and now playing doubles with her husband has enhanced her enjoyment of the sport.

Janine McHardy  -  A friend introduced a very sceptical Janine to the world of croquet, assuring her she would love it.  This friend obviously knew her very well because she has been addicted to the game for the last 8 years.  She competes extensively but is most proud of having represented her State Team (Western Australia) 5 times wth the team taking Gold once and Silver twice.  Janine enjoys playing doubles with her husband (that big hitting Aussie Brett McHardy).  She loves the camaraderie of the croquet community and is looking forward to making new croquet friends as she travels and competes.

Kate McLoughlin  -  A member of the Canberra Croquet Club for about 7 years, Kate enjoys social and club competition, as well as travelling around the world with husband, Peter Freer. Winning the Australian Handicap doubles competition in 2017 with Peter and playing in the 2018 NSW State GC team have been highlights. She is looking forward to competing and travelling once more in beautiful New Zealand.

Anna Miller  -  Anna has been playing Croquet for nearly 40 years.  Although she spent many years playing Association Croquet she has been enjoying the change to Golf Croquet in recent years. She looks forward to playing in New Zealand again.

Rosemary Newsham  -  Rosemary is a member of Stephens Croquet Club in Brisbane. Rosemary has competed in a number of Australian national and state events in both Association and Golf Croquet and at three previous Women’s GC World Championships since 2009, also at the recently held 2018 O50 GCWC in Cairo.

Bernie Pfitzner  -  Bernie started play croquet in 2006 and started competing in the South Australia Croquet Association (SACA) and the Australia Croquet Association (ACA) events in 2009. Bernie is a member at the Victor Harbor Croquet Club and has also been involved in encouraging and training players to become Golf Croquet Referees. Bernie has competed in four (4) World Croquet Championships since 2011.

Alison Sharpe  -  Alison has been playing competitive GC since 2013. She played in the GC Tran Tasman in NZ in 2015. She was the Australian Women’s champion in 2016. Alison played in the GC World Championships in Melbourne in 2017. She is the 2018 Australian Open Singles & Doubles Champion and Women’s Singles champion. She is feeling honoured to be playing in the Women’s World championship in Feb in NZ.

Judith Wembridge  -  Judy has been a member of the Bairnsdale Croquet Club since1998. She has represented Victoria in both Association and Golf Croquet. Judy has played in two World Women’s Golf Championships and two WCF Golf Croquet Championships. Judy is a retired secondary teacher. Her interests include travelling, camping, croquet and scuba diving.

Brenda Wild  -  After realising her body couldn’t take very physical sports anymore (hockey/squash) Brenda searched for a more suitable sport. Along came a “Come n Try” day at a local Croquet Club – she’s been hooked ever since!!! That happened in 2008. Brenda’s small Club is in a very picturesque area of the Hunter Valley in NSW, and she’s been very fortunate to play at some great Clubs around NSW, Australia & New Zealand and been privileged to represent NSW in the Australian Interstate Shield team for GC. She is very excited to be playing in her first Women’s World Championship and looks forward to making new friends from around the world.


Marwa Abdelrazek  -  Born in 1962 Marwa is a Lawyer.  In 2002 she was winner 1st rank in the Egyptian League; 2008 4th rank 2017 3rd rank.  In 2003 she won the Egyptian Cup and in 2006 and 2009 ranked 2nd.  Also in 2009 she was winner 1st rank Egyptian Federation Cup and in 2014 she participated in the Women's World Championship.

Maha El Derdiri  -  Maha was born in 1958 and has played in the Egyptian League since 2006, she has competed each year and in 2017-18 winning 1st place in the Egyptian League as well as 2nd in F cup, 3rd in C Singles and E Cup.

Iman El Faransawi  -  Born in 1967 she started playing croquet when she was 5 years old.  She was World Champion in 2007, second in the World Cup 2005 and 2009.  Iman is an Egyptair Air Hostess and plays croquet at Alshams Club.

Mervat El Shazli  -  Born in 1962 Mervat is a housewife, she is Champion of the Egyptian Ladies Singles Championship in 1980, doubles in 1981 and mixed doubles 2005 and 2014.  She took 5th place in the World Ladies Championship 2005, 18th place in 2014.

Perihan El Waei  -  Born in 1964, Perihan is a Projects Director and started playing croquet in 2008.  She was Gold medal winner in the 2012 Double Open 25 Jan Champs, in 2014 the Double Mix Championships, Egyptian League 2011 and 2018, Silver medal Egyptian Cup 2012 and 2016, Gold medal Egyptian Cup 2011, Bronze Egyptian Cup 2018 and Singles 2018 and Silver medal Egyptian Federation Cup 2018.

Mona Hegazi  -  Born in 1964 Mona is an Interior Designer.  She has played croquet since 1988 and competed at the Singles Open in New Zealand in 2015, ranked 4th position at the World Championship Cairo 2014 and won the Plate Over 50 in October 2014.  She also completed in the 2011 World Championship in New Zealand.

Manal Khoudeir  -  Manal was born in 1969 and is a Software Specialist.  She played for the Elhawamdia Club from 2000 to 2014 and in 2015 to date plays for Zamalek Sports Club as well as El Shams Club 2016-2017.  She was 11th in the Egyptian National Womens Team at the World Cup 2015, won the mixed Egyptian in 2011 and the Single Women Egyptian 2014 and 2015.

Abeer Mostafa  -  Born in 1976, Abeer is an Engineer and currently occupies 3rd place in the Ladies Egyptian Ranking system.  She has been playing golf croquet since 1993 and is currently a member of Shooting Club croquet team as well as the Egyptian National Team.  Abeer has participated in all women's world championships since 2005 and has come 3rd place in World Golf Croquet Championships in 2005 and 2014.  She has also won Egyptian ladies ranking system 4 times.  On the national level, Abeer has been a member of the shooting team for many years which has won the Egyptian National League and Egyptian cup for many years.

Soha Mostafa  -  Born in 1990, Soha works as H.R. Supervisor and is ranking no. 1 in Egypt.  She participated in the World Championship in New Zealand in 2011; World Championship in Egypt 2015;  World Championship female 2012 and in the Egyptian Golf Croquet International Championship 2018.

Maram Nabil  -  Born in 1986 Maram is an Interior Designer.  In 2009 - 2014 she played at the Sporting Club, 2014-2016 the Smoha Club and in 2016 joined the Shooting Club.  She has won the Egyptian Ladies Rank twice and took 2nd place in the mixed tournament in 2012.

Shadin Oukasha  -  Born in 1971 Shadin is a freelance Interior Designer.  She took 4th place in the Women's World Championship in Melbourne, 2009, 5th in New Zealand 2012 and Cairo 2014, competed in the World Open Championship in 2012 as well as Championship double ladies in Egypt 2016, first seed in 2009 and 5th place (classification) 2018.

Hanan Rashad  -  Born in 1968, Hanan plays at the Alexandria Sporting Club.  Egyptian Republic Championships, Single Lady GC 1991, 1992 and 1993.  International Championships - 3rd WCF GC Single Open 1996; 8th WCF GC Single Lady 2014 and 1st WCF Over 50 GC World Championship 2018.

Pauline Salib  -  Pauline is a Pharmacist and was born in 1991.  She has competed extensively in Egypt since 2012 coming 1st three times, 2nd twice, 4th twice and 7th once.  She took 2nd place in the World Croquet Championship Under 21 in London.


Ann Brookes  -  Ann was introduced to Colchester Croquet Club 11 years ago which soon rekindled the competitive spirit she had in her youth.  She started with GC but now plays both codes.  Her greatest pleasure is playing in tournaments all over England and her only regret is that she didn't discover croquet 50 years ago!  She has been married for 40 years, has 2 children and 2 wonderful granddaughters.  

Kathleen Burt  -  Kath played for England in Dublin 2007 having been introduced to the game by the Dorset Federation of Women's Institutes.  She took part in her first tournament in the early 1990's at Kingston Maurward Croquet Club in Dorchester.  Kath is a retired accountant, enjoys both AC and GC codes and plays for her home team in league matches.

Jane Pringle  -  Jane has been playing croquet for several years and competed in the Women’s World Championships in Cairo in 2005 and Dublin in 2007. Since retiring from full time work she can now devote more time to croquet. She is a member of a small, one lawn, croquet club in Bishop Auckland and the Ripon Spa Hotel Croquet Club, both in the North East of England. Visiting New Zealand has been on Jane's must do list so combining croquet with a trip to New Zealand is a dream come true.

Jayne Stevens  -  Busy farmer’s wife and now retired business woman, Jayne first visited Northampton CC in 2004 on a ‘try-it-and-see’ day and was entranced, but life took over and it was not until 2013 that Jayne returned to the club and joined.  Playing her first tournaments in 2015 and being out for most of the 2017 season through injury, Jayne considers herself extremely fortunate to have qualified for this championship and is looking forward to a once in a life time opportunity.  Another signed up member of the ‘If Only I’d Done This Sooner’ club.


Begona Elzaburu  -  Begona is married to a French man and as 4 children who also play croquet.  She started playing in the summer of 2016 and has won a few tournaments, the most important being Tier 3 of the Spanish Championship 2017.  She is very proud of the fact that in that year she was the player who progressed the most in the Spanish Ranking and took part in the Spanish Presidents Cup.  She is on the Committee of her Club, Puerta de Hierro and is looking forward to participating in the Women's Worlds in New Zealand.

Paz Gonzalez de Aguilar  -  Paz owns an Interior Design Studio in Madrid where she lives and has two children. In the past she has played padel, tennis and golf extensively and is now dedicated to croquet in her free time.


Nicola Kelly  -  Nicola is a trained architect now designing modern equipment for croquet. She also chairs a new club establishment in conjunction with the CAI near to Ireland's Dublin International airport, with plans to promote game development in its country of origin, particularly for young players along NZ School's Strategy lines. AC singles finalist at Carrickmines Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club twice at club tournaments in 2018 and once in doubles. At the Irish Open 2017 she reached Semi-final in general Handicap Doubles and Final in (High) Handicap Singles event. Played friendly GC Handicap games in Chester, UK, August and Corfu, Greece, October 2018.

Mary Martin  -  Mary recently returned to croquet in 2018 and has just played in GC doubles competition, reaching semi-finals at Cyril Corbally Cup event, Newbridge House Croquet Club, NHCC, 2018. She brings sports training into her croquet and is currently planning further competition in 2019.

New Zealand 

Patricia Anderton -  Pat is currently a member of Papakura Croquet Club in Auckland and has been playing since 2003.  The 2019 GC Women’s Worlds will be her second GC Championship and she is looking forward to competing in the Women’s Worlds in New Zealand.  She is very competitive and enjoys a good tactical game.  When not playing croquet, she enjoys spending time with her 4 grandchildren.

Sally Cole  -  Sally lives in Auckland and has been a member of Carlton Croquet Club in Epsom since 2012.  She has enjoyed contributing back to croquet and the Club by being Vice President; President; Secretary and Lawns Manager as well as being a GC Coach and Referee.

Ashley Cooke  -  Ashley has pretty much grown up with a croquet mallet in her hand, although she didn’t start playing properly until she turned 15.  Since then she has played in many tournaments including three Women’s World croquet championships.  The best part about playing in these women’s world was meeting different people and being able to compete with her Grandma and Mother.  Since the last Women’s Worlds, Ashley has not played much as  shetraveled to Canada for a working holiday and was there for two years.  Since getting back, she has started playing again and is looking forward to competing again at top level. 

Dallas Cooke  -  Dallas is very pleased to be playing in her 6th consecutive Womens Golf Croquet World event.  The highlight being renewing acquaintances and meeting new players.   Both her mother, Phyllis, and daughter Ashley are participating as well.  Dallas is currently a member of Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty, where she plays both AC and GC.

Annie Henry  -  Annie belongs to the Nelson Hinemoa Croquet Club and has played competitively about 5 years. This is her second Women’s GC World Championships; playing in Cairo was the first. Annie is in her second 2-year term as President of Croquet New Zealand. She is also the chair of the CNZ Tournament Committee and the CNZ Publicity and Marketing Committee. She is the GC Handicapper and Croquet in Schools Coordinator for Croquet Nelson. Annie has introduced croquet to about a thousand youth in the region over the last few years, and one of them is playing in this year’s Women’s World’s GC Championships.

Moya Lewis  -  Moya is a retired teacher, a mother of three and Nana to five gorgeous grandchildren.  When she retired she wanted to keep active so started playing croquet six years ago. Moya joined the Westend club in New Plymouth then the New Plymouth Croquet Club where she has been the Greens Coordinator for the last three years. This has been a rewarding and interesting challenge. She loves the camaraderie and competition of croquet, enjoys playing in different tournaments and is excited to be able to compete in the Women's Worlds. 

Helen Reeves  -  Helen lives in Hawke's Bay and discovered Golf Croquet nine years ago when she was invited to try it out while her son was taking part in a junior programme.  She spends as much of her spare time playing as her family will allow.  She enjoys travelling to tournaments and the challenge of different lawns and new opposition.  When not playing croquet, she is in charge of student administration at the local high school.  She is very much looking forward to taking part in an international competition.

Sue Roberts  -  Sue feels privileged and proud to be representing New Zealand in the Women’s Worlds for a third time.  Sue is the President of Croquet Mount Maunganui and plays both GC and AC. Her first Women’s Worlds was in Melbourne and then on home soil in the Bay of Plenty with her home club being the headquarters.  Sue has made many friends from around the world while playing and organising world events and looks forward catching up with everyone in Hawkes Bay.

Eleanor Ross  -  Ellie, a member of Nelson Hinemoa Club, is looking forward to her first Women's World Golf Croquet Championship next year. She will have just started her final year of school and what lies ahead after that is unknown; but travel, study and croquet are all likely to feature. She is excited to be a part of the NZ contingent and will enjoy meeting and getting to know other competitors. Ellie is a keen swimmer and loves playing the saxophone in her school's jazz band.

Sonya Sedgwick  -  During her 36 year connection to playing Association Croquet, Sonya has enjoyed playing on many lawns in England, Australia, U.S.A and New Zealand. In 1994 she won the NZ Womens AC Championship and has represented NZ in the Trans Tasman Test. A real family sport her two older children have also recently  joined the Heretaunga Croquet Club as 4th generation croquet players.

Ann Sharp  -  Ann lives in Dunedin and joined the Forbury Park Croquet Club in 2000 playing AC.  She later started golf croquet and enjoys both codes.  Ann is thrilled to be part of the New Zealand team and is looking forward to competing in Hawke's Bay.  Her other interests are art, travel and spending time with her family.

Susan Truman  -  Sue lives in Hamilton, joined Claudelands Croquet Club in March 2015 when she started to play golf croquet.  She has been on the Club Committee for 3 years serving as both Vice President and President as well as Lawn Committee Convenor and co-ordinator of the Claudelands Interclub Midland League participation.  For the past 2 seasons she was Captain of the Claudelands Emerald Interclub Team which won the Midland League final, and trophy, in April 2017.  She is also a keen AC player.

Phyllis Young  -  This will be the 5th GC Women's event Phyllis has attended.  She is a member of Morrinsville Croquet Club; President of Thames Valley Association and Vice President of Croquet New Zealand.  Many friendships have been made at the events and Phyllis is looking forward to meeting these players again.


Lorna Dewar  -  Lorna recently discovered croquet from her window in 2016 whilst renovating her new flat which is opposite the lawns.  She immediately signed up for the beginners' course.  Entering her first competition in May 2017, she is now Club Captain at the Meadows Croquet Club and enjoys both codes of the sport after discovering Association Croquet last year.  Lorna lives in Edinburgh with her husband Tom and has 2 grown-up children.

Rosemary Saunders-Robertson  -  Rosemary played garden croquet at home as a youngster with a set her father made. Four years ago she did a beginners course and discovered how it really should be played! She's a member of  Balgreen CC and Edinburgh CC and plays both AC & GC. She loves being outside most of all, gardening and all things rustic. She spends a lot of time with her two grandchildren - mostly outside, of course!


Cheryl Bromley  -  Cheryl began playing croquet in 2007 and is a USCA Class 1 National GC Referee and Instructor; Director of Croquet at Hillsboro Club in South Florida 2007-2015 and current District President for Wisconsin and member of Milwaukee Croquet Club.  In 2017 Cheryl represented the U.S. at the GC Open World Championship in Melbourne, Australia as well as Cairo, Egypt in 2014 and Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, in 2011.  She has also competed in the British Open 2013 and Canadian Open 2012 and 2014. 

Donna Dixon  -  Donna plays at Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA and is excited that she’s been selected to represent the United States Croquet Association and U.S. in New Zealand. She began playing in 2003 in Houston and for the first 8 years had great success in American Rules Tournaments throughout the U.S. In 2011 in Hawaii she added playing Association to her tournament schedule and in her first sanctioned event won the First Flight. In 2016 she won First Flight GC USC Nationals at Mission Hills. Donna is looking forward to the Women’s Worlds, meeting new friends, playing women from other countries and enjoying New Zealand hospitality.

Sandra Knuth  -  Sandra has been playing croquet since a condo purchase serendipitously across the street from the Palm Beach Polo courts in Wellington, FL, 1999, is married, mother of two boys, and a full-time hospital-based radiologist.  She summited Mt. Kilimanjaro on March 8, 2014, with 27 fellow women climbers from around the world, International Women’s Day, and also the day that the Malaysian plane disappeared. She likes wigs, travel and cats.