Grand Mistress:   Knockez                                                                                                                                                              Hare Razor/On Sec:   Tree Top                                                                                                                                                    Hash Cash                  Sourpuss                                                                                                                                                        R.A:   Snapper                                                                                                                                                                                          Hash Almoner   Knockez                                                                                                                                              Haberdashery:   Twiggy                                                                                                                                                                  Horn Blower:   Fishy Fingers                                                                                                                                                          Web Master:   Gatecrasher                                                                                                                                                        Literary Scribbler   The Mop

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Receding Hareline 

Run No Date Future Venues Hare(s)

1872 30 June 2020 Victoria Tavern, 138 Jackson St. Petone (Birthday run) The Mop + J-Wax                                      1873 7 July 2020 To be advised Sourpuss & Fillupajug                                                                                                          1874 14 July 2020 The Innkeeper Johnsonville, 11 Broderick Road, Johnsonville Treetop 
Run Report 1871, 168 Bistro (Brix), 168 Willis St. Te Aro, Wellington 
The Venue & Attendance This was the delayed AGM (note not AGPU) and was held in “Brix”, aka Bistro 168, the hash’s regular Friday evening watering hole.  As expected, there was a good 20+ attendance.  It was announced Dolly would be distributing the free drink token after the run. 
The Run/Walk  The walkers and runners collected outside to receive instructions from the hare, i.e. short run, markings in flour and pink chalk (until it becomes blue chalk).  This was interrupted by a blind man protesting at our blocking the footpath in an unnecessarily loud and objectional manner, a polite request would have been more appropriate. Runner’s and walker’s trails were common along Victoria St until the walkers split off down Mercer St.  and runners continued on around the old BNZ building into Lambton Quay, up Plimmer Steps and Boulcott St. and looping up onto The Terrace.  A pattern now established itself, up then down then up etc. so down the step into Church St & Boucott St, up into Flagstaff Gardens and up steps to Percival St.  FRBs went down the Dixon St steps to find a false as trail went up to The Terrace, down Macdonald Cres. and over the Terrace Tunnel, across Ghuznee St. and along Buller St.  Here walkers /runners split again, runners once more going up to The Terrace then down into Aro St Park.  Finally back on the flat, trail went down Palmer St joining the walkers, along Willis St and into Victoria St via Webb St and the On-Inn. 
The ON IN The shortish run saw both runners and walkers back within 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, Dolly was not one of those so there were no tokens to hand out but that was of little concern as more than one drink was going to be consumed anyway. Come 8 pm the food started arriving and the pack settled into a quieter feeding phase.  Once that was over the fines, awards and formal ‘erections’ could take place. 
K-9 as hare received the obligatory down-down. New boots Bert and Marilyn Munroe was welcomed with a liquid charge and Fishy gave the “best virtual run in lockdown” award to Browneye & Flatbitz for showcasing many drinking places dear to the hearts of “a drinking club with a running problem”. Dolly had a number of nominations for “did not quite achieve” award,: Gatecrasher for not getting completely naked on the “english visitors” run (kept his shoes on), Spiderman for some cheesegate affair, Fishy for upsetting the “ladies“ by not maintaining a minimum standard for wine at Piss Stops.  The award went to Sticky for not setting a run under the current mis-management, breaking a leg being regarded as no excuse. Joint winners of the “most runs set” award were AKA and Sourpuss / Filupajug with 6 runs each The Mop received a charge for completing 82 runs this year by inflating his run numbers by sixty, subsequent pursual of the book revealing that the zero in run 207 became 267 due to the addition of the downstroke of a P above the number. Similarly Oggy was fined for completing 68 runs.  In this case his 633 runs (written upside-down) became 654 runs the following week.  They both should have gone to Specsavers.  

A number of milestone runs were announced; The Mop 200 (15 Oct ’19), Dolly 300 (21 May ’19), Fishy 400 (16 April ’19), Filupajug 600 (4 Feb ’20), Dayglo 700 (11 June ’19), Browneye 1000 (5 May ’20) & Treetop 1100 (4 Feb ’20).  Six people completed more than 40 runs during the current mis-management i.e. Sourpuss, Filupajug, Dolly, K9, Fishy, Treetop & Kockez but outright winner is AKA with 54 runs (note extended ‘year’ due to lockdown). Finally the ‘best’ run of the year went to Sourpuss & Filupajug for the “English Visitors” (Wylie Coyote & Irene) run on a beautiful summer evening with other international (USA ?) hashers present.

The new’ mis-management was announced with Sourpuss agreeing to continue as hash cash (don’t forget to follow up his pay via bank transfer initiative).  Also re-appointed were Knockez (Hash Almoner), Twiggy (Hashadabery), Treetop (Hare Razor / On Sec) and Gatecrasher (Webmaster).  Actual changes were Fishy Fingers (Horn Blower) and Snapper (RA).  With low numbers it was decided to drop the separate runner’s RA position, since misdemeanours on the runner’s trail can always be rewarded via ‘fines from the floor’.   Finally, the new GM will be Knockez.

The final official award of the evening was the stick, awarded to The Mop for double booking the Victoria Tavern for J-Wax’s birthday run next week with Treetop booked two weeks later.  Treetop has graciously agreed to move his venue for run 1874 – details to follow. 
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