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Receding Hareline

Run No. Date Venue Hare

1871 23 June 2020 AGPU at Bistro 169 on the corner of Willis & Dixon Streets, Wellington The Committee              1872 30 June 2020 TBA J’Wax & MOP                                                                                                                                      1873 7 July 2020 TBA Hare Required                                                                                                                                        1874 14 July 2020 Victoria Tavern, 140 Jackson Street, Petone Tree Top & Twiggy   

A trail enjoyed almost on my own - by no-mates K9 (Run 1870 on 16 June 2020) 
It was somewhat of an inclement evening when a hearty bunch of about 20 Geriatrix Hashers assembled at the Indus Indian Restaurant in Thorndon for a run that was set by DT. 
After the usual pleasantries & light hearted banter the Hare gathered the team at the rear of the restaurant and instructed that the trail led south up Tinakori Rd, and so the gather headed off.  That was almost the last this hound saw of the walkers, but more about that later. 
The first check was encountered outside of Tinakori Bistro, and as I waited for the rest of the running pack (comprising MOP, Bert Munro, Rom, and Pannekin) I wondered where tonight’s run would lead us.   
I ambled across Tinakori Rd and headed up the pathway beside The Shepherds Arms, where upon I stumbled upon trail.  This led me into Sydney St and up to Ballantrae Pl where all progress was halted by a rather large truck with some kind of excavation machinery sitting on its large flat-deck reversing into the street.  After waiting a while for this manoeuvring to be completed we crossed the road and found a check on the corner with Bowen St.  Here the MOP regaled me with the news that the trail was most likely last week’s Wellington Ladies Hash trial, and “he knew where that went”. 
Next the trail led us along a path heading south between the cemetery & the motorway whereupon we found the next check on a path heading onto Bolton St.  Here I thought I would ask the MOP where we should go to pick up more trial to which he replied “why should I tell you”.  Wrong answer I thought, knowing full well who was in charge of the circle when we got back to Indus! 
The trail headed further south on the pathway and turned down Aurora Tce and left onto The Terrace.  Next we headed down the stairs into The Terrace subway where upon we found a runner’s/walker’s split.  The walkers headed down Woodward St while the runners trail was soon found taking us through the Clifton carpark and up the stairs onto Tokyo Lane, turned right with a check some 50 metres back towards Bolton St. 
Here was where I last saw MOP, Bert Munro, Rom, and Pannekin ascending the stairs.  F*ck knows where they went next? 
After checking through the BBQ area and up onto Clifton Tce I checked north into Bolton St with no luck, then back and into San Sebatian Rd, then south along Clifton with still no luck.  Then back through the BBQ area and south along Tokyo Ln, again without finding trail. 
Having given up at this stage, I headed back to Clifton Tce and eventually found trail heading down some stair and onto Tokyo Ln beside the Cable Car stop No. 1. 
Again I had to hunt for trail, and after a while I gave up and headed for Woodward St knowing this was where the Walkers trail would be found.  From there it was down Waring Taylor St and across onto the wharf, where trail headed past One Red Dog, around the corner at Cuckoo to a check at the back of Foxglove. 
North along the waterfront, then into Bunny St, through the Law School and across Lambton Quay into Parliament Grounds, where I found a number of the walking pack.  While I was in the Parliament Precinct exiting I inspected the new $¼M slide we tax payers paid for, before exiting into Hill Street. 
By now DT was absolutely on stride, as he next took us all on a loop through the back blocks of Thorndon before exiting onto Hill St again, across the motorway and down the lane and across the intersection to Indus.  


In the absence of our GM Fishy, Dolly and K9 hosted another brilliant but penultimate Circle with fines going to:-    
DT For setting a wonderful run, even if the runners completely missed almost all of the Kelburn hill work.            TreeTop For leaving the book in his car.                                                                                                                                    Oggy & Dinki For missing the start of the run because they had to go to the car and get more “poo bags”          Sourpuss For communicating with a pink Flamingo electric scooter, that understood him and responded.          Fillupajug For coming up with a Hash Name for our new boot Romney                                                                              MOP For being a smart bastard who knew where the trail was going to go…..NOT, and taking the runners down Plimmer Steps - NOT on trail.                                                                                                                                                Pannekin For retiring to Nelson                                                                                                                                              Romney Given a new Hash name of Marilyn Munro (the companion of Bert Munro)