Tuesday 16th August 2022 6:36pm 

Venue: 78 Totara Crescent, Woburn, Lower Hutt

Hare: Snapper & Spiderman

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/9NGKeob7UpT7ABs6A

Message from the Hare:

It’s a home run , $15 per head.

On On

The Drinking Club With A Running Problem

"If you've half a mind to join the Geriatrix HHH, that's all you need!"

We put the run in drunk



Port Nicholson Geriatrix Hash House Harriers Bank Account Number:-

PNGHHH BNZ Bank account No. 02-0536-0003787-000







The photo gallery has been updated with photos from Geri's Hash Erections 2021 & Gatecrasher's 1100th Run. If anyone has photos from Geri's runs please send them through so I can add them to the collection.





Changes to Hash Cash

The world is slowly moving to a cash less society and this has been speeded up by the Covid-19 pandemic. I have noticed that many hashers no longer carry cash and it is easier for them to make payments directly to the Gerries Bank Account.

Accordingly I have stopped collecting Hash cash at our Tuesday run/walks. Hash cash remains at $2 for a non piss stop run/walks and $4 for a piss stop run/walks. The hash cash is essentially an honesty system so I am suggesting regular Gerries hashers  direct credit  $10 at the start of each month into the PNGHHH BNZ Bank account No. 02-0536-0003787-000 together with their hash name (several have already done this). They then keep their own record of which runs they attend and how much they owe hash cash. If it exceeds $10 they top up next months direct credit. For home runs everyone will be expected to deposit the home run cost either $15 or $20 pp.

Some may wish to deposit more than $10 and let the funds run out as DT has done. Others may wish to pay monthly in arrears. Please just let the hash cash (Sourpuss) know by email which option best suits your circumstances. Gerries hashers who only manage to make the occasional run might adopt this option.

Hope I have not made this too difficult and if anyone has a better suggestion please advise me.









The Receding Hareline has been updated & is correct at the time of going to print. However, Hares may decide to change venues at any stage.






Congratulations Sourpuss on anther great effort.1st in his age group in Ironman New Zealand

Ironman New Zealand  - Taupo - 02/03/19

Sourpuss            14:11:48             798th Place        1st in Category









Huge congratulations to Sourpuss for his performance in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. This is the toughest Ironman in the world & just finishing is a huge achievement (something Cameron Brown couldn't do on the day). Not only did he finish, but Sourpuss was in the top half of his division. You deserve a celebratory beer!


GENERAL INFO BIB 252 Division M65-69 State Wellington Country NZL Profession Retired

RACE SUMMARY Swim: 1:30:51 Bike 7:27:40 Run 5:14:35 Overall 14:29:21








The Hash History of Geri's has been expanded with information from the 1st meeting, 1st trash & inaugural run.