April 29th - May 1st 2022

Situated at the southern most end of the Caribbean Island chain and 11 miles from Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago is considered the gateway to the Americas. Home to 1.3 million culturally diverse people, Trinidad and Tobago is the melting pot of the region. These lush, rainforest islands boast of many rivers crisscrossing the land, surrounded by warm, sunny beautiful beaches.

Trinidad and Tobago has a history of hashing for 34 years. It was founded on 4th February 1984 and we look forward to hosting our 1000th run in November 2018. There are over 500 active hashers from across the globe and from here at home, between the ages of 21 and 75, who participate in our weekly Monday and Wednesday city runs and every other weekend across the island. Our hash runs consist of very varied terrains, grasslands, rain forests, rivers, deep valleys, beaches as well as through the city and small villages with combinations of the abovePOSHHH have hosted The Americas Hash in 1997 and have participated in many Interhash events including those held in Bali 2016 and our team will be attending Fiji 2018 

  • Red Dress Run – April 28th 2022
  • Interhash Trinidad - April 29th – May 1st  2022.
  • Tobago Pre Lube -  April 23rd -25tth  2022.


The ticket price is US$280.00. 

Website: Click here