1957 March 27th Minutes of first meeting held in the Halswell Hall,100 £5 Debentures to be issued
1958 September 27th First AGM and election of officers.
           President: H Brake, Senior Vice President: F Lyman,
          Junior Vice President: R Thompson,
          subscriptions set - Full Member two pound 2 shillings,
          Associate Member ten shillings,
          A Ladies section to be included
1959 February Executive Meeting re Rules, Club colours, new Flag and Club Pavilion planned
1959 May Pavilion being built, Green being top dressed
1959 October 17th Official opening of Green
1959 October 20th Ladies opening day
1961 November Combined meeting with Tennis Club re amalgamation 1963 Extend pavilion and new soil shed
1964 January New 4” water main
1964 March Indoor Club formed
1965 December Telephone installed
1966 August New mower shed
1967 October New veranda to pavilion
1970 September New kitchen plans
1970 November 3 Christmas parties, Indoor, Outdoor & General
1970 March New fences
1972 June New concrete banks and shelters
1974 July New tool shed (gardeners shed)
1975 February Special Committee Meetingre liquor provision in pavilion, carried by unanimous decision vote
1977 May Application for liquor licence, new sewer line
1977 June New Bar and Store
1979 August Removal of 3 Macrocarpa trees in preparation
          for No 2 Green
1981 April New mens toilet
1983 May New kitchen addition
1985 July New roller shed
1988 March/September New 8metre wide pavilion
1989 May Resurface No 1 Green
1989 December New Store and Plant shed
1992 September 12th Special Meeting
          re No 2 Green – synthetic green passed
1993 April Gala Day to raise funds for new No 2 Green,
          New No 2 Synthetic Green and Control room
1998 Future development for 3 greens
2000 March to December New Kitchen and Toilets
2006 May Repairs to No 2 Green Synthetic mat
2006 September to December Installation of new Tiger Turf mat
2006 September New kitchen plans
2006 December Opening of new Tiger Turf mat
2007 December 50th year Jubilee celebrations
2009 Sept-Dec Initial discussions with Christchurch City Council
          re additional land- Project Team set up
2010 Development fundraising started in earnest— Housie fortnightly
2011 Submitted application for lease of additional land
2012 Earthquake slowed lease process and claim submitted to Tower for damage toexisting Clubhouse
2013 New 11 year lease signed with Council
          (with 2 x 11 year extensions) including additional land to North of Club Rooms
2015 Plans for Clubhouse extension Developed, contract for build signed November
2016 Building extension completed for Opening Day
          - Official opening November.
2019 Upgrade to Kitchen with installation of cooking equipment.
2019 Late 2019 Green Development Committee established
2020 Green Development project work halted due to possible                   
          consequencesas a result of Covid 19
​​​​​​​2020 After Covid restrictions eased, weekly Housie commenced

2021 June - Members vote unanamously to proceed with a new artificial green on the Northern side of the clubhouse