President’s Corner

I am honoured to have been voted in as President of the Halswell Bowling Club and to follow in the footsteps of my predecessors.

I can assure you that I will give 100% to ensure that the Club continues to provide a pleasant and rewarding bowling and social experience at our facilities.

I would like to thank the outgoing Executive Member: Phil Austin and welcome in the new Executive Members: Robin Haberfield and Glenys Chell.

The next year promises to be an exciting year as we hopefully get a new ‘sandpit to play in’ with the new green and if we can replicate last year’s fantastic results in the Interclub competitions (the best in my time at the Club) the Club will remain the envy of bowls in Canterbury. This situation is a testament to the strength of the Club and is demonstrated in the membership growth in recent years.

We hope to announce the identity of the next Club Captain following our  Exec meeting in early July.

As with all amateur sports clubs the Club will ever only be as strong as its members choose it to be and we remain a strong and well financed club through the efforts of our many volunteers who give their valuable time to make the Club a success. This is an essential part of a healthy and strong club so please find a way to do your bit.

I am hoping to be able to update this ‘president’s Corner’ on a regular basis in order to keep you informed of the Club’s progress.

Thanks again

Martin de Jong


Latest Breaking News

The Bell Lamb & Trotter Trophy winners for 2022

Roger Croy, Sonya Butler, Stephen Brian, Bruce Varnham

Halswell Bowling Club News


Halswell Bowling Club is no longer a vaccine certificated premises however the Executive reserves the right to reinstate the policy (in some form) should they deem it in the best interests of the club.

The Executive encourages all members, guests and visitors to practice good safety and hygiene standards in order to slow down the spread of Covid.

If you are unwell stay away from the Club and seek medical support. We want you at the Club but only if we can be confident of not spreading Covid amongst its members, guests and visitors many of whom many have low immunity defences.


Sunday Triples

Held every month (except January) on the  first Sunday of each Month.

Three games of Seven ends

Next Tournament is the 3rd of July

Next Sponsor

Sonter Automotive

Good Prizes and Raffles

Straight from the Bookies. We hope the next meet ends up somewhat better than the last one. There was stewards enquiries after almost every race but dealt with effectively. Hopefully the next race meeting will encounter better weather and we can get through all the scheduled events.

Contact Bill Campbell - 027 807 2683


Winter Wednesday Fours

Every week (weather permitting) from 9:30am for a 10:00am start. Cancellations posted here by 8:30am on game day. Four games of 7 ends. Lunch break in between with lunch purchases available

No dress code so you can wrap up warmly

Next Tournament 29 th of June

Straight into the next series which is over 3 days and once again on ends and then shots for and then shots against should such tie breakers be necessary.

Starter's Comments: 

Next Sponsor

Anthony Wilding Village

Good Prizes and raffles

Insider's Advice. What a stunning finale to the last day of the 5 day test and congrats to the winners. As predicted anything could happen and it did. Bowlers choked and some bad overs were bowled but cream rose to the top. We now go into a 3 day game and a new draw for the next 8 days so the question is can the front runners maintain their form or will we have some other teams perform. New draw means nothing - expect the same teams twice in the next 8 weeks with a couple of spares.

Click below for the next 4 weeks draw


Contact: Ian Hogg 027 449 0006

Game Day Forecast

Fine apart from morning cloud. Northerlies developing in the morning. High of 10 degrees

Issued: 12:01am Tue 28 Jun


Summer Friday Triples

Well thats a wrap for the 21/22 season and we hope you have enjoyed the tournaments.

We will be back for the 22/23 season so start your planning.

Three Games of Seven Ends

Next Tournament is a long way away

Next Sponsor


Good Prizes and raffles

Groundsman's Report (final one for a while whilst we refresh the pitch). The Groundsman would like to thank his team and everyone else involved in making the season successful. If you have any pitch complaints or comments keep them to yourself as we won't listen to them (let alone act on them - unless of course they are constructive and come with an offer of help to prepare the pitch for next season).

Click here for Draw (if you do this you will looking at last season's detritus)


Contact: Mike Gilmore 344 2019

Game Day Forecast




Every Thursday

40 Houses plus a Super Draw at end

Housie starts at 7:30pm

Kitchen, Raffle ticket and Housie ticket sales from 6pm

3 chances to win a bonus house

Great prizes and a lot of fun

Look forward to seeing you there

Given current Covid regulations as updated effective from the 14th of April 2022 there are none that pertain to the running of Housie.

However Housie visitors are welcome to choose what ever precaution they like in order to feel comfortable and to ensure their own safety and Halswell Bowling Club encourages this approach.

If you feel unwell stay away and seek medical assistance.


Last Updated: MdJ (tourny forecast)

At 6:30pm 14/6/22