Updates on COVID-19 Status.

Level 3 Update:

21 April 2020

New Zealand Rugby continues to monitor Government’s COVID-19 updates and AlertLevel changes with a view to how they will impact club, school and community rugby.

While the New Zealand Government’s decision to move to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 is apositive step we need to remain vigilant in the fight against the global pandemic.  Under COVID-19 Alert Level 3 all club, school and community rugby remains postponed.This postponement includes trainings, workshops and the closure of rugby clubs.

We know people are eager to be back on the grass, but the well-being of our players,coaches, referees, volunteers, supporters and our wider New Zealand community is thetop priority.  New Zealand Rugby continues to work closely with the Ministry of Health and Sport New Zealand on Return to Rugby protocols for the 2020 season.

We are presently working through what rugby activity can occur under Alert Level 2 andwe will provide more guidance on this as soon as possible.  For a return to rugby, we will take our lead from the Ministry of Health in determining when COVID-19 Alert Levels are once again at a safe level for sport. 

We thank the rugby community for following Government advice to stay home andplaying their part to protect New Zealanders.  Maintaining mental and physical fitness is encouraged as we continue to prepare forthe return of rugby. For helpful ideas, tips and resources visit www.RugbyToolbox.co.nz.  This is a challenging time for everyone and it’s important to keep in touch with yourteammates, whanau and loved ones. For advice on how you can tackle the tough times visit www.headfirst.co.nz. 

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 Postponement of Community Rugby in line with Alert Levels

Community and club rugby is postponed until COVID-19 alert levels are once again at a safe level for sport, in line with Ministry of Health guidance.

Further clarification was necessary given the initial postponement of all matches, training and face-to-face education courses was until Saturday, 18 April.

Given the subsequent nationwide Alert Level 4 lockdown, providing a specific start date for rugby is now unrealistic.

We continue to monitor the situation and take advice from the government about when it will be safe for rugby and all sports to start. We will take our lead from the Ministry of Health.

In the meantime, New Zealand Rugby, our Provincial Unions, clubs and secondary schools are working hard to make sure when we get the green light, we’re ready for rugby.

The postponement of winter sport will be felt by many, but the wellbeing and safety of our rugby community is paramount. We don’t want our players, coaches, referees or supporters to be at risk. We also want to do what’s right for New Zealand and we ask everyone involved in rugby to support one another and follow the official government guidelines.

Rugby plays an important role in New Zealand communities and at this time of uncertainty the postponement of rugby allows everyone to pause, and take care of themselves and their whanau.

It also gives Provincial Unions and local competition organisers the opportunity to regroup, reschedule and determine how they can deliver meaningful competition when rugby resumes.

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