Timaru Tafa

SENIORS:2008 - 2020

SNR Games:   143

Nickname:   Tima

Position:           Prop

  • 2014 NZ Heartland XV
  • 2015 NZ Heartland XV
  • 2016 NZ Heartland XV

Tafa joins elite group in SC Rugby

Prop Timaru Tafa is South Canterbury's sole selection in the Heartland XV.The side to play three matches, including two in the Cook Islands, will again be coached by King Country's Kurt McQuilkin, with his assistant South Canterbury's Chester Scott.Tafa was part of a South Canterbury front row that was not bettered this season and he is a strong ball carrier.The 24-strong squad will play New Zealand Marist XV on November 8 before departing for two matches against Cook Islands on November 11 and 14.Meads Cup finalists Mid-Canterbury and Buller are well-represented with six and five players respectively. Wanganui and Wairarapa Bush each have three players in the squad.McQuilkin said the squad showcases the depth of talent in New Zealand. ''These men are fiercely proud to play for their club and fiercely proud to play for their province,'' he said. ''To pull on the black jersey for Heartland XV squad is a major honour for them and something they aspire to during the season.'' McQuilkin expects the Cook Island side to be competitive. ''We're expecting our games in the Cook Islands to be hard and fast and we'll be playing in hot and sticky conditions. ''It will make for some exciting rugby.''New Zealand Rugby chairman Brent Impey said the Heartland XV is proof of New Zealand's wealth of rugby talent. ''It's important to New Zealand rugby that we support rugby in the Pacific and playing in the Cook Islands is part of that.''The Heartland XV will be fantastic rugby ambassadors for New Zealand,'' he said.The 2014 NZ Heartland XV squad is:Hookers: Jon Sharpe (Mid Canterbury), Cole Baldwin (Wanganui)Props: Logan Mundy (Buller), Timaru Tafa (South Canterbury), Carl Carmichael (King Country)Locks: Andrew Smith (Mid Canterbury), Andrew McLean (Wairarapa Bush), Craig Moore (Buller)Loose Forwards: Peter Rowe (Wanganui), Gary Redmond (Mid Canterbury), Josh Clark (North Otago), Jon Dampney (Mid Canterbury), Lasa Ulukuta (Wanganui)Halfbacks: Andrew Stephens (Buller), Jake Ashby (Mid Canterbury)First five-eighths: James Lash (Buller), Whakataki Cunningham (King Country)Mid fielders: Peni Nabainivalu (Buller), Ethine Reeves (Poverty Bay), TK Moeke (Poverty Bay)Outside backs: Brenton Connell (Mid Canterbury), Nathan Hunt (Wairarapa Bush), Michael Tambour (Horowhenua-Kapiti), Sam Monaghan (Wairarapa Bush)

The 2015 NZ Heartland XV squad is:

Cole Baldwin  (Wanganui)Jackson Donlan  (Mid Canterbury)Matt Fetu  (South Canterbury)Ralph Darling  (North Otago)Timaru Tafa  (South Canterbury)Kurt Simmonds  (Wairarapa Bush)Adaam Ross  (Mid Canterbury)Craig Moore  (Buller)Eric Duff  (Mid Canterbury)Fraser Hammond  (Wanganui)Bryn Hudson  (Wanganui)Peter Rowe  (Captain) (Wanganui)*James Goodger  (Wairarapa Bush)Hayden Anderson  (Thames Valley)Lindsay Horrocks  (Wanganui)Zayn Tipping  (King Country)Stephen Perofeta  (Wanganui)Tim Priest  (Wairarapa Bush)Moss Doran  (Thames Valley)TK Moeke  (East Coast)Lemi Masoe  (North Otago)Lance Easton  (Thames Valley)Tyrone Keith  (Thames Valley)James Hemara  (King Country)Mike Tambour  (Horowhenua – Kapiti)

The 2016 NZ Heartland XV squad is:

Dan Hytongue * (Buller)James Lash (Buller)Aaron Lahmert * (Horowhenua Kapiti)Willie Paia'aua * (Horowhenua Kapiti)Scott Cameron * (Horowhenua Kapiti)James Hemara (King Country)Zayn Tipping (King Country)John Koko * (King Country)Aarin Dunster (King Country)Jackson Donlan (Mid Canterbury)Maleli Sau * (Mid Canterbury)Nete Caucau * (Mid Canterbury)Ralph Darling (North Otago)Lemi Masoe (North Otago)Everard Reid * (Poverty Bay)Siosiua Moala * (Poverty Bay)Timaru Tafa (South Canterbury) Kieran Coll * (South Canterbury)Hayden Wisnewski * (Thames Valley)Eddie Cranston * (Wairarapa Bush)Sam Monaghan (Wairarapa Bush)Lindsay Horrocks (Wanganui)Peter Rowe (Wanganui)Viki Tofa * (Wanganui)Te Rangatira Waitokia * (Wanganui)Josh Manning * (West Coast)