Senior Club Night Programme

Throws     Shot Put  |  Discus  |  Javelin  |  Hammer

Jumps     High Jump  |  Long Jump  |  Triple Jump  |  PolevaultPolevault will be held on request, providing we have an official available to run the event.

Additional Events   If there is a request to include an additional event to the existing programme to that shown below (one weeks notice must be given - this includes hurdles).

Walks    Will be included in the distance races

December 2021

Tuesday 7 December

7.00pm    100m/hurdlesDiscus     

7.15pm    1500mHammer
7.30pm  60m

7.45pm   400m

Tuesday 14 December

7.00pm     200m Shot PutHigh Jump
7.15pm    2000m

7.30pm  100mJavelin
7.45pm   800m

Tuesday 21 December

7.00pm                     60m/hurdles   DiscusLJ/TJ

7.15pm                     1000m

7.30pm                     200m             Hammer

7.45pm                      400m