Senior Club Night Programme

Throws     Shot Put  |  Discus  |  Javelin  |  Hammer

Jumps     High Jump  |  Long Jump  |  Triple Jump  |  Polevault - Polevault will be held on request, providing we have an official available to run the event.

Additional Events   If there is a request to include an additional event to the existing programme to that shown below (one weeks notice must be given - this includes hurdles).

Walks    Will be included in the distance races

March 2022

Tuesday 1 March

7.00pm     200m Shot PutHigh Jump
7.15pm    2000m

7.30pm  100mJavelin
7.45pm   800m

Tuesday 8 March

7.00pm    60m/hurdlesDiscusLJ/TJ
7.15pm    1000m

7.30pm  200mHammer
7.45pm   400m

Tuesday 15 March

7.00pm     200mShot PutHigh Jump
7.15pm    3000m

7.30pm  100mHammer
7.45pm   800m

Tuesday 22 March

7.00pm    100m/hurdlesDiscusLJ/TJ
7.15pm    1500m

7.30pm  60mJavelin


Tuesday 29 March

Let me know what events you want for the last club night

7.00pm  100m           Shot Put

7.15pm   800m          ??Long Jump

7.30pm   200m

7.40pm   Mixed Medley relay - 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m - at least two male and two females per team, if possible

We are also wanting to bring in some equipment at the end of the night or even before club night so if you are around at 6.00pm then come down to help pack away a small amount of equipment.

Thanks to you all for being part of the Hastings Athletic Club we appreciate your support of the summer season and there have been some awesome performances over the season culminating at the ANZ Track and Field Champs.  Well done to you all.

Watch out for your invite to the senior prizegiving for all athletes 14 years up to masters.  Coming to you in April!!