1 February 2022

Dear School Community,

Hereworth Community Evening on Co-education & Integration

In the last Newsletter sent in late November, the School community was reminded of the delay to our Integration application due to the Minister of Education’s workload with his Covid portfolio. Given the latest Covid developments, it is possible we may not hear of any progress in the first quarter as previously indicated.

In the life of a School, planning and preparation for 2023 begins now. Due to the delay to the Integration application, we are currently unable to provide our integration/co-education status to the market, which is unacceptable.

The Board recognises that the Headmaster requires a clear definition of our enrolment status for 2023 in order to present to the School community and prospective families.

To this end, the Board has determined that we will co-educate next year. This decision was largely developed by the Board during our Integration application process and shared with the community during the public meetings held early last year.

Significant consultation occurred as a build-up to the Integration process. The co-education decision has been enhanced by the exciting and overwhelming response to this possibility. The School has received strong enrolment interest from current Hereworth families, Old Boys with daughters, and people not previously connected to the School. The interest in enrolments covers all levels offered by the School.

The School Board and the Headmaster would like to hold another public meeting with our community to discuss the details as this impacts the School in 2023 and beyond. 

The School community meeting is proposed for Tuesday 22 February at 7pm in the Anna Stuck Performing Arts Centre.

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Attendance will be by prior indication to meet the Covid maximum of 100 for gatherings, so if the number of attendees exceeds this figure we will hold another meeting the following night. Masks, social distancing, scanning in and the use of vaccine passes by attendees will be required.

We look forward to an informative evening(s) and to your company.

Yours sincerely, 

Jonathan Hensman



Trevor Barman