Hillcrest Bowling Club

The Club, which is a Registered Charitable Trust, commenced in 1950 and is affiliated to Bowls Waikato and Bowls NZ. It has 3 Starweed Greens:
Greens 1 & 2 measure  33.5 x 33.5m
Green  3 measures 33.5 x 27.5m

Qualified Coaches are available to teach the game of bowls to people.The Club has had a variety of success in events and has had members represent NZ and Waikato teams.

The following is the club's vision, values and objectives:

To promote bowls and other leisure activities in a supportive and vibrant environment.


  • Honesty and Trust
  • Diversity within it's membership
  • A supportive and respectful environment
  • It's members and their families/friends
  • Recognition of achievements

Club's Objectives:

  • To recognise the achievements of all people
  • To be a vibrant club providing a variety of activities
  • To provide supportive, fun and safe environment
  • To provide a modern day facility
  • To be financially sustainable

Use of Facilities:
The club has other groups that utilise it's facilities regularly.  The club will consider other groups wishing to use the club facilities.