COVID-19 (update 7th December 2021)

As advised on 19th November, the HHT Trustees have decided that all members and their guests must be fully vaccinated to enter the facility (assuming they are of an age to be vaccinated). Any exceptions to be considered on a case-by-case basis by HHT Chairperson Merv Huxford (  This aligns the facility with the likes of the National Hockey Stadium being run by North Harbour Hockey Association, so for most members this should not be any form of encumbrance.

As there is not someone present throughout the day to check vaccine passes at the entry to the turf, this does mean that within the eyes of the law that the facility is operating as a non-vaccine pass required site for general member access (even though HHT require you to be vaccinated) and a poster to this effect is being placed in the noticeboard by the gate. In practical terms this makes no difference to the limits on your membership as each of the four bookable zones in the facility meet the definition of a "defined space" as per the Covid-19 guidelines issued by MBIE for recreation facilities such as ours.  

Within each defined space, even under Red conditions and no checking of vaccine passes (the most restrictive of conditions) a maximum of 25 people are permitted per defined space (this increases to 50 at Orange). So 11 members with 11 guests could coordinate to arrive at the turf at the same time, have two members book out the entire main turf, and play an 11 aside game - all without the need for checking vaccine passes. 

In fact up to 100 people could be present across the four zones and still be compliant - so long as they don't mix. The simple reality is that even prior to Covid there were seldom more than 10 members and their guests across the entire facility at any one time, let alone exceeding 25 in any one space. So operating as a non-vaccine pass required site makes practical sense as it offers the easiest compliance with no effective limitations for our members.

The Covid legislation permits venues to switch between being a vaccine pass required/not required site.  For times when significant numbers are expected to be present (competitions, large coaching clinics, trainings, etc.) and the 25 person limit becomes impractical, the venue will switch to being a vaccine pass required site and suitable checking of vaccine passes will occur at the gate.    

The need to book a space on the turf for member usage will continue until at least mid-January regardless of what colour of traffic light Auckland is operating under, at which time the trustees will reassess the situation going forward. Not only does this provide us with an additional contact tracing method, it also enables for managing the demand to ensure the 25 person per zone is not exceeded (whoever books the zone is responsible for ensuring they don't invite along an excessive number of other members (and their guests) that would exceed the 25 person limit).

So please remember to:

1. Book your training slot via

2. Scan the QR code upon entry

3. Swipe your access tag (even if following other members in)

4. Use the hand sanitizer 

5. Smile nicely for the security cameras.

If you have been in contact with a Covid case in the two weeks before using the facility, please advise us ASAP such that we can undertake additional disinfecting of the facility.

As is standard, the normal rules around membership and guests continue to apply - irrespective of what higher Covid number limits are in place.

Also with the longer daylight hours over summer, the booking system has been opened up to permit bookings between 6am and 9pm - so plenty of opportunity to get out there and enjoy yourself.