Courtesy       Commitment       Curiosity       Courage

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Howick College Sport

Sport at Howick College is an integral part of our students’ social and physical development. We provide an extensive sports programme that aims to reinforce the school's supportive learning environment and our 4C values of courtesy, commitment, curiosity, and courage.

Increased participation in sport and physical activity not only has a positive impact on the physical health and wellbeing of young people, it has also been shown to significantly improve academic and social outcomes and build physical and mental strength both on and off the field.

All students are encouraged to participate in a sport and we offer an extensive range of both summer and winter sporting codes. Our programme promotes the development of new skills, team work, sportsmanship and personal responsibility while also instilling a commitment to continuous improvement and personal excellence. 

The sports programme caters for the diverse needs and abilities of our students, whether it be playing sport socially or as a member of one of our high performing premier teams competing at national and international level such as; Rugby Sevens, Netball, Rowing or Underwater Hockey.

Howick College participates in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Summer and Winter Tournaments where all secondary schools across the country compete for national championship titles.