Club days:

AC - Tue & Thur   9:30AM-12:00PM

GC - Wed & Fri & Sat  8:45AM-12:00PM

GC - Tue & Sat              1:00PM-3:00PM (casual)

AC: Association Croquet

GC: Golf Croquet

All welcome to come on Wed or Fri mornings and "have a go at croquet". You'll have 3 games a morning - try it for free 3  sessions, then $5 per session green fees for 3 more sessions. By then  you'd have enjoyed yourself so much you'll want to jooin our friendly Club. Enjoy a cup of tea between games and meet our members. Just wear sports shoes and comfortable clothing. We can supply you with a mallet to try.


A really fun way to celebrate your “Social Function” would be a few hours playing Golf Croquet on our lawns at Millhouse Reserve..This version of the game is extremely easy to pick up and after a few minutes of coaching from one of our members, you and your guests (young, old or older) will be enjoying yourself..The Clubhouse has full kitchen and toilet facilities and can accommodate up to 60 people at a moderate donation per person. The ideal time for considering this type of outdoor social activity/function is between November and April.

For more information please e-mail your enquiry to

or telephone Vanessa on 0274 706 478  

Howick Croquet Club Inc.

2020/21 Annual General Meeting

It was great to see so many members in attendance at our AGM on Saturday 22 May.

The President’s Report was positive and short.  The Treasurer confirmed the club remains financially strong; and the Grounds Maintenance Report explained the significant challenges to our playing surface currently brought about by unforecast soil infections and an invasion of grass bugs…. all of which will be fixed, but may take some time to come right.

Club membership fees are to remain unchanged from last year.  And a new Club Committee was confirmed with Felix Groenestein as our shiny new President.

Club Patron, Councillor Sharon Stewart, was in attendance to hand out the annual HCC Awards and Cups won in special categories by Club Members as follows :-

Wally Parks Handicap Singles:  Winner -  Jim Dickson.  Runner Up – Vanessa Baddock.

8 Plus Level Singles' Trophy: Winner – Felix Groenestein.

Jack & Jill Club Doubles' Trophy: Winners – Richard Dickinson and Joan Jones.

Golf Croquet Championship Cup (-6 to +3):  Winner – Raymond Yin.

Golf Croquet May Turner Cup (+4 to +7): Winner – Brian Price

Golf Croquet Stephenson's Challenge Cup (+8 to +16): Winner – Jill Groenestein.

AC Championship Selby Cup Singles: Winner – Roger Adamson.  Runner Up – Raymond Yin.

AC Handicap Bruce Denton Cup Singles: Winner – Roger Adamson.  Runner Up – Raymond Yin.

Most Improved Club Player Josh Roberts' Trophy: Winner – Jill Groenestein.

 Congratulations to all of the above members for their outstanding season at HCC.