Sorry we are no longer operating  from 2022 after 2 tough years and possibly a third on the way we have made the tough decision to shut up shop.We achieved what we set out to do .

A huge thank you to Vikki Sam and Mik for your ongoing committment dedication and passion for our club and for netball.We were a true team in every sense of the word .

We thank all the people who have helped us along the 7 year journey and to those amazing young ladies that we have met along the way some of whom were with us for the whole 7 years, you were our inspiration:)

Loyalty and committment are 2 things we valued above all else and to those who stayed true to the club we thank you for demonstrating those values and being part of our traditions and history.

Netball is facing a raft of changes as it struggles to adapt to the changing environment and we wish all our Rangers girls present and past the best of luck with your journey.

Ka Kite ano