This year, we were extremely lucky to have not only awesome players, coaches, managers and umpires, but a group of dedicated supporters to cheer our HHKNC ladies on at each game. At HHKNC, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive and enjoyable environment for everyone involved in the game, and this would not be possible without our families and friends on the sidelines. We would like to thank each and every one of you who came to our games, cheered our girls on, got involved with our team/club trainings, volunteered when needed and gave a helping hand. Your support does not go unnoticed, and we thank our lucky stars for having such beautiful people as a part of our club! 

A couple of extra special people we would like to thank are Gladys and Marge. Gladys is a player with HHK Pink, but would go out of her way each Friday night to come and support the HHK Black girls while they would play. Wearing her club uniform, Gladys would sit in the spectators seats above the arena with her baby and pram in tow and support us each week without fail. This meant so much to the ladies in HHK Black as well as the coach and management team, and would give us that extra boost we needed! 

HHK Black were also extremely fortunate to have Marge on our sidelines each week, as well as our club trainings. Marge is the mum of our girl Cori, the youngest member in our club, and would be alongside HHK Black each week without fail. Whenever we needed someone on the scoring bench, Marge would happily assist. She would always cheer us on, share words of encouragement and would always have a smile on her face. We could not have got through the season without her, and are so blessed to have had both Cori and Marge as a part of our squad. 

We also had the honour of giving a special award to Rangimaria Makara this year! If you have ben involved with PNC, chances are you know exactly who Rangimaria is. With a cheerful smile, positive words of encouragement and a beautiful personality, we have had the privilege of having Rangimaria as a part of HHKNC for the last two years. She is consistently giving helpful advice, lending a hand wherever is needed, and is always there for support and guidance. Not only is she a woman of many talents, but Rangimaria was selected as the manager for the NZ Men's Netball team, and will be touring with them in 2022. This year, we gifted Rangimaria a beautiful pamper hamper to acknowledge all her work, and would like to thank her for everything she has done to help HHKNC each year. 

And last, but not least; our umpires. Umpires are hard to come by at PNC, with a lot of them being dedicated to other clubs for many years. This year, we were so thankful and appreciative of our wonderful umpires who showed up each week without fail, to both games and trainings, and would be an awesome support crew to all of our ladies. Thank you to Israel, Ada and Rangimaria for all the work you had done both on and off court to ensure HHKNC had umpires for the season. You have all been a part of our club for many years now, and we are so fortunate to have developed a wonderful relationship with you all. 

Umpires for 2020 Season

HHK Black - Israel Hotene

HHK Pink - Ada Makara

HHK Neon - Rangimaria Makara

HHKNC Umpires for 2020 Season

HHK Black - Israel Hotene

HHK Pink - Ada Makara

HHK Neon - Rangimaria Makara