Hui Hui Kotahi Netball Club - HHK Black 

Team List: 

Coach: Selena Rhind-Mills

Assistant Coach: Jason Laufili

Manager: Te-Ata Huia 

Captains: Terri Tariko and Tiari Anderson


Hinekia Fitzgerald

Josephine Cole

Monique Brady

Lacey Paaka

Tiari Anderson (C)

Terri Tariko (C)

Te-Ata Huia

Cori Te Rongomau

Hinemoa Cameron

Te Ao Marama Huia-Cavanagh

Chynna Laughton

The Coach/Managment team for HHK Black were so lucky to have such an awesome squad for 2020! Although the year was cut short, and the talent in Black was not able to shine as much as we would have liked, it was obvious that we had a high level of talent throughout our team. We went in to the season wanting to just settle into Premier 2, but ended up winning our President's Round and being promoted to Premier 1! This showed the level of skill and commitment that our ladies had to their team, and it was enjoyable to watch everyone bond together as one. As hard as it was to only pick three players for the trophies, the below award winners were selected by all of us for various reasons. We would like to thank HHK Black for the 2020 season (however brief it may have been) and hope to see you all back in 2021!  

Mopst Improved Player for 2020: Monique Brady

Monique is a quiet and shy player with a natural knack for netball, especially in defense. When being placed into a position that she had not usually played not only did she fit right in, but she played very well, showing her natural skill for the game. Monique brought composure, level headedness and exceptional man on defense to HHK Black, and would perform better and better each week. She continued to provide us with structured and well thought out defense, and was a real asset to Black. We thoroughly enjoyed having her as a part of our team for 2020. 

Most Valuable Player for 2020: Hinemoa Cameron

Hinemoa is one of our 'old girls': a player that we have had in HHK for many years, who continues to show loyalty, support and commitment to our club. We have known Hinemoa for close to 10 years, and she continues to be one of the best players that PNC has to offer. Hinemoa is an outstanding shooter, as well as an amazing defender, and is a natural leader on court for her team. It is a privilege to have her as a part of HHK, and was awesome to see her return to the court for HHK Black in 2020. 

Player of the Year: Cori Te Rongomau

This was Cori's first year with HHK, and from the very beginning we knew that she would be a star. And we were right! Cori is the youngest in our club, but plays as if she has played for over 20 years.Cori is an extremely talented shooter, who also shows strengths in the midcourt zone. Her determination, assertiveness, natural skill and talent is rare for someone her age, but shows just how committed she is to her netball. We were extremely lucky to have Cori as a part of HHK Black in 2020, and are excited to see her growth in netball for years to come. 

HHKNC 2020 Prizegiving Awards


Most Improved Player: Monique Brady

Most Valuable Player: Hinemoa Cameron

Player of the Year: Cori Te Rongomau


Most Improved Player: Olivia Wilson

Most Valuable Player: Tylah Rice

Player of the Year: Kruz Nathan


Most Improved Player: Marlene Fields

Most Valuable Player: Kelly Tuihalangingie

Player of the Year: Ada Makara