Hui Hui Kotahi Netball Club - HHK Neon

Team List: 

Coach: Te-Ata Huia

Manager: Tylah Rice

Captains: Ada Makara


Stephanie Lockington

Nane Lockington

Ada Makara

Rangimaria Makara

Marlene Fields

Kelly Tuihalangingie

Polly Kukutai

Ara Te Rongomau

Stacey Samuels

Trisha Penney

HHK Neon were our social team for 2020, with a strong bunch of seasoned (and extremely skilled) players. HHK Neon were quick to come together as a team and gel, and were an unstoppable force on and off court. Their dedication to each other was unmatched, and showed with each game, as they would get better and stronger each week. HHK Neon always made sure to have fun and enjoy themselves, but also turned their game faces on when it came on, which reflected in their scores. It was an absolute privilege to have all of our ladies as a part of the club this year, and we hope you all come back for the 2021 season!

Mopst Improved Player for 2020: Marlene Fields

This was Marlene's first year with HHKNC, and the growth she made in such a short time astounded not only the HHK Neon team, but the whole of HHKNC! Marlene was very shy and quiet when first coming into the club, but picked up on all training drills quickly. Each game, she would apply what she was taught, and mixed with her natural talent, became a confident and talented mid court player! Marlene was an effective midcourt player, and worked well with whoever she was paired up with. It was amazing to see her progress, and we hope she continues to grow with HHKNC. 

Most Valuable Player for 2020: Kelly Tuihalangingie

Kelly had played for HHKNC previously, and has always been an effective and lovely player to have. HHK Neon were fortunate to have such talent in the team, as well as a player who always provided positive and supportive words of encouragement. Kelly is a skilled mid court player, and always gives 100% to every game, no matter the result. Her ability to read plays, and switch up at the last minute made her a machine on court! We have always enjoyed watching Kelly, and are so thankful that she returned to HHKNC for the 2020 season! 

Player of the Year: Ada Makara

As with Kelly, Ada has previously played with HHKNC and has aways been dedicated and committed to whatever she was involved in. This was the exact same with her team this season. Ada is a fierce and naturally skilled defensive player, but is able to play in any position she is placed in to! She always made sure that her team mates held their heads high, and would always make the opposition work for every goal! HHK Neon were extremrly lucky to hav e Ada as a player this year, and HHKNC are lucky to have such a dedicated and reliable club member! 

​​​​​​​HHKNC 2020 Prizegiving Awards


Most Improved Player: Monique Brady

Most Valuable Player: Hinemoa Cameron

Player of the Year: Cori Te Rongomau


Most Improved Player: Olivia Wilson

Most Valuable Player: Tylah Rice

Player of the Year: Kruz Nathan


Most Improved Player: Marlene Fields

Most Valuable Player: Kelly Tuihalangingie

Player of the Year: Ada Makara