Hui Hui Kotahi Netball Club - HHK Pink

Team List: 

Coach: Tiana Rogers

Manager: Sharn Rice

Captains: Olivia Wilson


Kruz Nathan

Olivia Wilson (C)


Tylah Rice

Sharn Rice

Gladys Paea

Tiana Rogers

Jackie Tate

HHK Pink had a bit of a rocky start in the beginning, but once everything settled, they were away! With a smaller team, HHK Pink showed how tight knit and close they all were both on and off court by not only playing well together, but communicating and executing plays each week! With the perfect mixture of seasoned and new players, HHK Pink solidified their place in Premier 3, and were on their way to the top of the table. We were so fortunate to have a team of such awesome ladies join our club, and look forward to seeing you all again in the 2021 season! 

Mopst Improved Player for 2020: Olivia Wilson

This was Olivia's first year with HHKNC and she definintely made her mark! Olivia came into the club a quiet and shy player, with a lot of raw skill and talent waiting to be worked with! As quiet as she may be off court, Olivia has an undeniable strength in defense that grew each week. Olivia was committed to HHK Pink in all ways, ensuring she trained hard and played harder, earning her the 'Most Improved Player' for her team for 2020. It was a pleasure for HHKNC to watch Olivia grow, and we are excited to see how much more talent and skill she can unlock in the future seasons! 

Most Valuable Player for 2020: Tylah Rice

This was Tylah's second year with HHKNC, and she continues to impress us as each week goes by. Very much like Olivia, Tylah started out very quiet and shy, but has solidified her place in our club as a core member, and continues to prove to us the loyalty, dedication and commitment she has for HHKNC. Tylah continues to put in the work, and betters herself each week, holding her position as Centre firm amongst her team. She is an exceptional player, who continues to shine both on and off court. 

Player of the Year: Kruz Nathan

Kruz joined HHK Pink a little later in the year, but quickly proved what an asset she was! With a strength in defense, Kruz always encouraged and supported her whole team, while playing an exceptional game week after week. Kruz always gave 110% each week, and showed natural skill and talent well beyond her years. She offered clear and effective communication both off and on court, and ensured that her defense area was well covered and was quick to shut the opposition down. HHK Pink were very lucky to gain Kruz as a player, and enjoyed watching her this season.

​​​​​​​HHKNC 2020 Prizegiving Awards


Most Improved Player: Monique Brady

Most Valuable Player: Hinemoa Cameron

Player of the Year: Cori Te Rongomau


Most Improved Player: Olivia Wilson

Most Valuable Player: Tylah Rice

Player of the Year: Kruz Nathan


Most Improved Player: Marlene Fields

Most Valuable Player: Kelly Tuihalangingie

Player of the Year: Ada Makara