As of 2020, the HHKNC Committee has decided to implement a 'Coach Contract' as well as a 'Manager Contract'. This gives a complete breakdown of what is expected of all HHKNC coaches and managers throughout the season. We have outlined all of the HHKNC guiding principles, as well as the penalities applied if the principles are not adhered to. All contracts are regularly looked over and updated when needed, in order to ensure that all areas are covered in full detail. 

All coaches and managers are required to sign this contract and return to the Secretary before the commencement of the rounds, otherwise they will not be allowed to take part in their team duties. A hard copy of this contract will be given out to all coaches and managers, and must be signed and handed back in a week  from the date they were given.  If you have any questions in regards to this contract, please approach the Secretary immediately.