A modified field is used (1/2 of the normal sized field). Modified Score Lines are from sideline to sideline not length to length. The normal sideline becomes the score lines and the normal half way line becomes the sideline for these modified fields. No spectators are to be standing in the middle of the field and not at the modified score lines. Both opposing team players and spectators are to stand at the normal Touch Zone area.  Please ensure that parents/spectators abide to this to prevent accidents from occurring.

Touches are made with one hand and with minimal force on any part of the body or ball (encourage players to call out their touches.  Six touches are allowed before handing the ball over to the opposing team.
The ball must be grounded on or over the score line with one point being awarded per touchdown.  The game is then restarted with a tap midway along the halfway line.
Dummy Half
The dummy half must pass the ball (cannot run with the ball).  If the dummy half runs with the ball then possession is given to the opposing team.
Defending players must move back 5m from the plant mark and cannot move up until after the dummy half has passed the ball.
The game starts with a tap midway along the halfway line.
If the ball or the player in possession of the ball goes out of the field of play, the opposing team restarts play with a rollball 5m in from where the ball went out.
Subs are allowed onto the field by first tapping their team-mate on the hand.  That player must then leave the field at once.  Non-playing players must not interfere with play.
A team consists of up to fourteen players, with a maximum of six allowed on the field at any one time.
All Junior Touch is mixed competition with a maximum of three males allowed on the field at any one time.  A minimum of one male is required on the field at all times.
A game of Junior Touch is made up of two halves of 12mins with a 2min halftime break.
One coach per team is allowed on the field to run behind their team and give positive, constructive feedback only.

Substitution:    Purchase wrist bands (2 of each colour/style) from the $2 shop.
Pair players up on game day to sub with each other and get them to wear the wristbands to identify who is subbing with who.