Sports Uniform​​​​​​​

What to wear to games/tournaments when travelling from school?

​​​​​​​Track-pants and Jackets must be worn to and from all games during the winter season and can be worn during the summer season if colder.  In the case of warm weather, P.E/team sports uniform can be worn alone with sports shoes.. 

These school rules also apply: on buses, in parents' cars and directly after a game even if you are not travelling with the team. 

Appropriate sports shoes with white ankle socks are required for sport.   Bucket hats and peak caps (school navy ones) can be worn for sport.

What to wear to trainings when travelling from school?

During the winter season track-pants and jackets should be worn when cold and put on for the trip back to school. If warm enough, P.E uniform / team sports uniform alone are fine.

What to wear around school grounds?

​​​​​​​School Grounds 
Winter – Full track suit should be worn.
Summer – P.E top and shorts and/or skort are allowed to be worn. If cold, common sense applies with tracksuits. 

Dining Hall
Full tracksuits must be worn in the dining hall – terms 2 & 3.  Tracksuit jackets must be worn in the dining hall - terms 1 & 4.

Appropriate sports shoes are to be worn at all times, this does NOT include sandals/crocs etc. ​​​​​​​