JETS Netball is a small familly orinetated local netball club played at Netball Waitakere. Our passionate former netballers thrive on enhancing and developing netball through holistic views. Creating connections with players and their families where they find belonging and motivation to improve their own personal goals. JETS Values and Vision is a testament to what we do as a club.

RESPECT: is deserved and earned not demanded

ENJOYMENT: To play. Have fun. Enjoy the game. 

DEVELOPMENT: the goal is progress not perfection.

OPPORTUNITY: creating possible outcomes.

DISCIPLINE: If it doesnt challenege you, it wont change you.

The club allows players to express freely in a safe and methodical environment. Our challeneges as coaches and managers are to encourage essential skill sets on and off the court. Mentally and physically preparing our young women to give back to up and coming young girls who wish to pursue netball. 

My challenege is to keep netball alive by acceoting changes without affecting the morale of the game. 




"I am your coach and you are my team. We reflect each other - Lets get to work!"

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