Kaikorai Valley College

The 6th Annual KVC 1000K Challenge took place on Tuesday March 10th.

The run begins at the Stone St/KV Rd Roundabout and finishes at the South end of the school (at the bus shelter).

Race Record Ben Jowsey 3:43 (2011)

2010 Junior Boy Jesse Percy Junior Girl Rebekah Thomas Senior Boy Ben Jowsey Senior Girl Sarah Thomas
2011 Junior Boy Thomas Johnson 4:42, Junior Girl Jessica Stewart 5:38, Senior Boy Ben Jowsey 3:43 (record), Senior Girl Sarah Thomas 5:02 (Girls Record)
2012 Junior Boy Josh MacMillan, Junior Girl Abigail Spinoglio, Senior Boy Jesse Percy Senior Girl Isabelle Bennett
2013 Junior Boy Cameron Porteous 4:43, Junior Girl Abigail Spinoglio 5:00 (Junior Girls record), Senior Boy Mike Brockie 4:18, Senior Girl Jessica Stewart 5:13
2014 Junior Boy Cameron Hall 4:33 (Junior Boys record), Junior Girl Abigail Spinoglio 5:15, Senior Boy Mike Brockie 4:07, Senior Girl Kendall Walker 5:28
2015 Junior Boy Cameron Hall 4:23 (new Junior Boys record), Junior Girl Tabitha Dasler 5:01, Senior Boy Josh MacMilan 4:01, Senior Girl Kendall Walker 5:17