This hut is maintained by the Kaimai Ramblers on behalf of the Kaimai Ridgeway Trust. In the last two years it has been significantly upgraded, including

  • Installation of a woodburner, woodshed, and flying in firewood
  • Installation of an outdoor sink
  • Painted inside and out
  • Major track improvements in the hut area
  • Improved tent sites arpound the hut
  • Extended deck with improved shelter

There is an introduction to this hut on our Hut Guides page here

From July 1st, 2022 the hut will be reclassified as a DOC Serviced Hut and must be booked on the DOC Booking System. The adult nightly fee will be $15, and the youth $7.50. The Backcountry Annual Hut Pass will be able to be used when booking online.

A significant portion of the fees will then be available for KRT to fund hut maintenance, including the ongoing supply of firewood which has to be topped up by helicopter on a regular basis.