FUN FERNS YEAR 1 - Year 1's we finish the Fun Ferns program at Week 10 - 6th August.

The mornings session will run as per usual - however will be followed by a Prizegiving in the Lions Lounge at 10.05am - Please feel free to dress up and have a bit of fun that weekend - Year 1 players (and coaches) are encouraged to wear whatever they want - fairies, wizards, princesses, super heroes, funny hats or even their pyjamas.  There may be some prizes for best dressed / best theme etc

FUN FERNS YEAR 2 - Week 11 13th August and Week 12 20th August

We invite the Year 2's only to come back for another two weeks. We run skills sessions looking to extend Year 2's on what we have learnt so far, introduce a size 4 netball, 2.6m high hoop and have a go at a positional 5v5 game. This is designed to build some confidence moving up to Year 3 next year which will involve a much higher level of intensity. All equipment will be provided by the centre.

Year 1&2 9.00am start and warmup

Year 3&4 10.00am start and warmup - skills & game at 10.27am

Year 5&6 R1 11.15am warmup on court - game at 11.35am

Year 5&6 R2  warmup courts 3&4 and 7& 8 - game at 12.20pm

Year 7&8 R1  warmup courts 3&4 and 7&8 - game at 1.05pm

Year 7&8 R2  warmup courts 3&4 and 7&8 - game at 2.00pm