Registrations are now closed at Mon 4th April 2022. 

Please contact your School or Club Delegate in the first instance with any team or player questions.

Junior Games are played Saturday Mornings during the season Term2/Term3

YEAR 1&2   FunFERNS 4v4           9.00am

YEAR 3&4   FutureFERNS 6v6    10.00am

YEAR 5&6   Juniors  6v6              11.15am / 12.20pm

YEAR 7&8   Intermediates 7v7    1.05pm / 2.00pm

Please note times above are anticipated and may differ for initial grading weeks

2022 Delegates or School Sports Representatives:

  • Helensville Primary

Kelly Clarke E: kellyc@helensville.school.nz

  • Huapai Primary

Maree Lloyd E: maree@huapaidistrict.school.nz

  • Kaukapakapa Netball Club

Narelle Parker E: narelle.parker@crowntech.co.nz

  • Matua Ngaru Primary

Angela Lidgard E: ​​​​​​​admin@matuangaru.school.nz

  • Parakai Primary 

Sharon Komene E:   sharonk@parakai.school.nz

  • Riverhead Primary

Devon Hiley E: devonh@riverhead.school.nz

  • Waimauku Netball Club   

Waimauku Club E: waimaukunetball@gmail.com

  • Waioneke Primary

Kirsten Ward E: kirsten@waioneke.school.nz

  • Waitoki Primary

Claire Nolan E: cnolan@waitoki.school.nz