Senior Council Events

Senior Council mufti days

Once a Term the Senior Council run a Mufti Day to raise funds for various happenings throughout the year. Mufti Days have a theme and students are usually asked for a gold coin donation towards the day.
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Senior Council Rages

Each Term the Senior Council run a Rage (or Dance) for the students.  This is held in the school hall at night and usually runs from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Rages also carry a theme, with the cost being $4.00 in costume or $5.00 if not in costume. Doors open at 6.30pm and close at 7.30pm. No students are permitted to leave the Rage without prior permission from the Principal or Deputy until the doors re-open at 10.30pm.
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Senior Cabaret 

The Annual Senior Cabaret is usually held on the first Saturday of the Term 2 holidays. It is for Years 11 and up and is a formal occasion. Each year the Senior Council spend the week before-hand decorating the hall in a theme of their choice, so an enjoyable evening will be held by all who choose to attend. Tickets are sold by the Senior Council during intervals and lunchtimes, usually from the log cabin.  "Outsiders" are permitted, but must complete the appropriate form prior to a specific date.  However, they are not gauranteed entry.