Welcome to the "Little Rippa's" page

Here's a little bit of information about us.

This is a newly introduced concept programme pioneered within the Counties region and introduced by Karaka Junior Rugby. This programme is specifically aimed at the 2 - 4 year  old age group to introduce, promote and educate our youngest members to the game we all love and enjoy.

The fundumentals of this programme:

  1. First and foremost this programme is all about our littlies having fun all while learning the basic skills associated with the game of "Rippa".
  2. Learning valuable aspects about being part of a team in a well guided enviroment.
  3. Creating new and lasting friendships which only playing rugby can do.
  4.  Fun rugby related games for both parents and our "little rippa's" to enjoy. We 100% encourage parental involvement, there's nothing better than witnessing both a parent and their child smiling & laughing together while at play!!
  5. Promote a fun and safe environment in this non-contact form of rippa rugby.
  6. All in all it's great for a little bit of fresh air and fitness!

When and where:

The "Little Rippa" programme runs on a Thursday late afternoon between 4:30 pm - 5:15pm held at our Karaka Sports Park, 372 Blackbridge Road, Karaka.

Details about how you can get involved:

In the first instance if you would like more information  you can contact our Rippa club captain via email at rippaclubcaptain@karakarugby.co.nz

Or register online by clicking here 

We look forward to welcoming new families to our fun & friendly family orientated club.