Website last updated - 22nd June 2024

Club Tramp

Saturday 29th June:   Pudding Basin Falls.  Start time:   8.30am.  Grade: Moderate.  Duration: 6 hours.  Easy option:  Walks in the Blade area.  Contact Leader Laraine by 7.30pm on Friday, 28th June.  [email protected]  /021 0737 084.

Trip Reports

2024 Reports are posted.

Trip and Meeting Schedules 

The 2024 June to December schedule is now posted.

The next Club meeting: July 11th. 

Next Planning MeetingNovember 7th 2024

Club Trips Record - currently up to 2024.

A history of club trips can be found on the Club History page and will be updated from time to time.

Early Club Newsletters

A project to digitise early club newsletters is underway and these can be found on the Early Club Newsletters Page.  Starting with the first full newsletter in 1979, we are currently up to August 2000.  If any club member would like to have their own collection, contact Peter L-J.

Lindemann Tracks Maintenance Update

Maintenance work on the Lindemann Track network is ongoing.  One 2023 work day has already been accomplished.

Welcome to the Katikati Tramping Club website.

As a club based in the Western Bay Of Plenty, and dedicated to outdoor activities, we endeavour to encourage people to enjoy the amazing environment with which New Zealand is blessed .

Club trips range from family walks on easy tracks to longer, multi day tramps on and off track in difficult terrain.

We run a trip every second weekend, usually within easy driving distance of Katikati, though occasionally we venture further afield if the destination is worth the extra driving time.  Occasional mid-week trips are also done on an ad hoc basis.  Longer, 3 or 4 day weekend trips are a regular occurrence, and these are usually day trips made from a fixed base about half a day's driving from Katikati.

Tramping is not just a healthy activity, it is also a great way to make new friends and meet new people.  The social aspect of tramping is as important as the physical activity.

We actively encourage new members, so go to the 'How to Join the Club' page and see how easy it is.  All the information you need will be there.