What are the JMB start times ?

JMB start times - 10am Saturdays unless alternative is pre arranged

What is the JMB Field Size for my grade ?

Field Size, Ball Size, Game Length, Numbers in teams, etc can be found at :


What grade do you have to wear boots ? 

U11 grade and up

What is the weight limit for my grade ?

There is no weight limit if your age is correct (at 1/1/22) for the grade they are in.

eg 7years in Under 8s, 9years in Under 10s, 11years in Under 13s etc 

They can play in the grade below providing they meet the weight for that grade as follows

7years in Under 7s - Under 25 kgs

8years in Under 8s - Under 30 kgs

9years in Under 9s - Under 35kgs

10years in Under 10s - Under 40kgs

11years in Under 11s - Under 45kgs

13years in Under 13s - Under 55kgs

14 years in Under 14s - Under 60kgs

16years in Under 16s - Under 70kgs