Postive Sideline Behaviour

The Manawatu Rugby Union aims to promote positive sideline behaviour around Junior Rugby fields in the Manawatu.

Positive sideline behaviour demonstrated by parents creates a positive rugby environment and positive experience for all participants involved.  This will ensure that children want to continue playing rugby and continue to develop their skills and social experience.

Manawatu Rugby Union feels that individuals on the sideline are responsible for their own actions and should be setting an example for these young children competing in our national game.  Positive sideline behaviour has a flow on affect and creates a positive club culture.

Should a parent/caregiver behave poorly then the MRU would take a strong action by means of suspension of the person(s) and player and team he or she is associated with.

Part of the “Terms & Conditions” parents accept when doing the online registrations is agreeing that it is their responsibility to demonstrate positive sideline behaviour at all times by being supportive towards the players, coaches, managers, referees and other spectators.  They also acknowledge that all PNCC grounds are smoke free and that they will adhere to these regulations.​​​​​​​