Kirwee Netball Club Mission Statement:

To be a club that welcomes all people of all ages and abilities to enjoy Netball, whilst being supported by a passionate committee and local community. We invite all to participate, and endeavour to develop and mentor skills with excellence.

Key Objectivites:

The principle objectives are to:

Increase participation - Target initiatives to encourage more women, men and young people of akk abilities to take part in and enjoy Netball and sustain a lifelong interest in the sport.

Offer opportunities - Invest in the training, support and recognition of volunteers, offering opportunities which will contribute to their personal development.

Encourage coaching and umpiring - Ensure a greater investment in the identification and training of coaches and umpires so that more people are encouraged and enabled to enjoy the benefits of qualifications and improved knowledge and skills.

Develop talent - Create a clear pathway which supports talented young people and identifies those with the greatest potential to succeed.

Provide quality support - Operate a well trained and well resourced support structure to enable participants to fulfill their potential.

Maintain financial stability - Increase the general reserve funds by achieving an annual operating surplus through grants and sponsorship.