General Information

All LHAAC athletes are encouraged to participate in Club & Interclub events. All athletes improve with regular competition and results at these events also contribute to each individual athlete's LHAAC points.

How Interclub Works

Children need to report in to their scheduled events, prior to competing, wearing their club uniform and age tag. You will need to check the program (which can be found on the Athletics Wellington website) to ensure your child goes to the correct event. Children only need to complete in the events they want to compete in. They do not need to compete in all of them. The events are:

Events for children in groups 7-9        Events for children in groups 10-15

60m                                                     100m

100m                                                   200m

200m                                                   400m

Long jump                                           800m

Shot put                                              1500m

Discus                                                 Long Jump

                                                            High Jump

                                                            Shot Put


                                                            Hurdles 80m +*

*These events are for children in Grade 12 – 15

All results from Interclubs are provided on the Wellington Athletics website.

Track Events

For track events the officials will put the children into groups and place them on the track. Each child will race once per event, where they will be timed and placed as per their time in their age group.

Field Events

For field events each child will get one practice round and then have 3 measured attempts where they are placed accordingly.

Contact Details for People on the day

We will be posting before each Interclub a picture and contact number of your contact person for the Interclub or you can look for one of the committee members who will be wearing a red Lower Hutt Athletics jacket or hoody.